Tarantino revolutionizes Cannes with "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"


Quentin Tarantino and his actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie revolutionized Cannes on Tuesday with the most awaited film of the Festival and one of the most awaited of the year. Rarely does a look like Cannes look like on Tuesday Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the latest American director's film. All this expectation is also explained because Tarantino has been mounting the film until the last minute and, therefore, has been an absolute premiere, nobody had seen the movie so far.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood He has responded to the expectations. It is one of the great films of the Festival and one of the best of its director, winner just 25 years ago of Palma d'Or with Pulp fiction. In addition, Tarantino's film is a true love letter from the director in Hollywood and the cinema, a work that is located in two temporary moments of the year 1969, and portrays a classic Hollywood dying before the impact of the television Tarantino retrieves for the big screen Brad Pitt, in his best role in years, the antihero opposed to the hero who interprets Leonardo DiCaprio. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood It will be released in the middle of August and is called to be one of the films of the year.

Ovation for Bong Joon Ho

On the other hand, the Korean movie Parasite, by Bong Joon Ho, took on Tuesday, the biggest ovation of the Festival. A very focused social metaphor about class differences in contemporary society that should be mandatory to the Festival's awards.



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