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Taskmaster confronts Scarlett Johansson in a new trailer

BLACK WIDOW FILM – A new trailer tells us more about the villain of the film Black Widow, worn by Scarlett Johannsson.

[Mis à jour le 09 mars 2020 à 14h35] “I stop fleeing”. Black Widow is ready to do battle with its past in a new trailer released by Marvel this Monday, March 9. And after two explosive first trailers, these new images raise the tension and reveal (finally) a little more on Taskmaster, the big villain of this new feature film carried by Scarlett Johansson. The latter appears with his shield in numerous confrontations against Natasha Romanoff and her family of super-assassins. If we know his name and the fact that he “controls the Red Room”, which seems to be an army of assassins, his identity remains unknown since we never see his face or the actor or the actress who embodies this bad guy. It is therefore a safe bet that the revelation of his true identity will be one of the important twists of the film. Could it be someone close to heroin?

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