Tat von Hanau: A violence researcher explains what is going on in perpetrators

AOn Wednesday evening, eleven people were killed by gunfire in Hanau, Hesse, and the alleged perpetrator also died. Almost all victims and injuries have foreign roots, which is why the Attorney General assumes a racist motive.

Nils Böckler is a violence researcher, educator and works at the Darmstadt Institute of Psychology and Threat Management (IPBm). Prevention and crisis managers are trained there, and authorities and companies are trained in threat management. Böckler has been researching radicalization processes of terrorist offenders and autonomous cells for years. In the telephone interview, he explains what makes people perpetrators and how the crime in Hanau can be compared to similar crimes.

WORLD: The search for the “meaning of life” is human, including anger as emotion. What leads to the insidious combination like in Hanau?


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