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Tattoos and breast cancer: hide those scars that I couldn’t see … [PHOTOS] | The Mag | The sun

It is now possible to recreate a nipple during surgery. Have you considered the option?
At the time of mastectomy, keeping the nipple increases your risk of getting cancer by 5% to 25%. It’s up to every woman. I could have said I wanted to keep my nipple. But we go through the operations to avoid any danger of cancer breaking out. We don’t want to do it all for nothing. The surgeon could have left a small piece of skin that he would have transformed into a nipple, which I would then have tattooed to remake the areola. But a nipple design is not a real nipple. And in Quebec, few tattoo artists are used to doing [sauf la tatoueuse que Le Mag a rencontrée, voir texte ci-contre]. After trying, in the end, I preferred artistic drawing.

Are you satisfied with the result?
Today, we no longer see any scars. I am very happy about it! Even my doctor has put pictures of my breasts in his office to encourage other women who are wondering about tattoos.

What has this tattoo changed in your life?
Very soon after the operation, it allowed me to become someone with self-esteem again. Starting to wear necklines again without my scars being seen allowed me to regain my femininity. My tattoo artist made sure that we don’t see a tattoo that takes up all the space in the neckline, but just sticks that stick out, something beautiful. And that’s just enough to intrigue people who don’t hesitate to ask me about this procedure.

Do people talk to you about it often?
Yes, and I am happy to inform them. Anyway, we see it, the tattoo. It’s not that I’m shy anymore, but after five surgeries and tattoos, I’m proud of the result. I am in no way ashamed of it, although I remain as discreet as possible. I wouldn’t wear pale clothes without a bra, because you would see the flowers through! No more than I would take my top bikini at the beach; I no longer need to wear it [en raison de ses implants], but I wouldn’t want to inconvenience my children. But if posting pictures of my breasts to my Breast Reconstruction Facebook group helps encourage women like me, I’m happy to do so!

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Have you been hooked on tattoos since?
I had never had a tattoo before the illness. But I had others made afterwards: a butterfly on the back near which we can read “My sister, my angel”, then one on the forearm that says “My destiny is not the fruit of chance, because my path was already marked out ”.

Info :
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Canadian Cancer Society
Facebook group “Breast reconstruction: let’s talk about it!”

* Note: portions of this interview have been slightly edited to better fit in a question-and-answer text format.


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