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Tax, balance hypothesis and removal of folders under 5 thousand euros


It is being studied by the government the hypothesis of a ‘balance and excerpt’ for bills of less than 5 thousand euros. According to Adnkronos, the option is on the executive table along with other proposals to allow those who are able to do so to regularize some positions and at the same time ensure resources due to collection. However, it is still only a project.

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And instead confirmed the mini-deferral of a few days of the deadline of February 28 for the payments of the installments of the scrapping ter and of the balance and excerpt in order to then link the rule to the Ristori decree 5, which would be renamed dl ‘Sostegno’. In the absence of interventions, the 5 installments due for the facilitated settlement and the two arrears of the old balance and excerpt for debts up to one thousand euros – for a value of 950 million for 1.2 million taxpayers – had to be paid ‘one shot’ a single solution, Monday. The postponement will be made official by March 1, and then probably insert the rules and coverage in the Ristori 5 decree expected within next week.

Among the fiscal measures under consideration, there is also a cleaning of the warehouse of bad debts pre-2015: a mountain of credits equal to about 400 billion euros that can no longer be collected because they are due from deceased or bankrupt subjects; while the new stop to the notification of tax bills is in the balance: the sending of more than 5 million collection deeds has been frozen on several occasions, but with a delay of the times over two years, blocking the statute of limitations. Meanwhile, the scheme for new compensation for the activities affected by the restrictions for the second wave of Covid takes shape: this time the aid should not be based on the Ateco codes but be selective for the activities that in 2020 on 2019 have suffered losses equal to at least 33 %.

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