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Team Mazeikiai changed its name / News

Team Mažeikiai playing 7bet-NKL changed its name – the club announced that it will be called M Basket from now on.

The settlers cast this season

Team Mažeikiai has been known as “Eagles” for four seasons, from 2017 to 2021, and has spent all the other seasons under the name “Mažeikiai”.

The team also introduced a new team logo. The team color remains unchanged – red and white.

“Our basketball club is growing and I hope that in the near future we will grow so much that we will be able to move outside Lithuania,” presented the new team image of the head of the club Arūnas Liškus. – We would like to introduce you the new international name and brand of our basketball club “M Basket”. The new name and logo symbolize modernity and our modern approach to club management, the pursuit of goals, and clearly define the sport represented.

We hope that the team’s new name and logo will become an integral part of our brand both in 7bet-NKL, later in LKL and possibly in the next international tournaments. M Basket is the international name of Mazeikiai Community Basketball Club, M Basket is a high level basketball organization with a professional basketball team and an academy for children, M Basket is Mazeikiai Basketball, which we hope all our citizens and others will respect. . the cities and clubs we will fight with. “

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