The research lab of a cybersecurity company that sells Bitdefender antivirus products has spotted a wave of fraudulent emails advertising over-the-counter dietary supplements that could help lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. The spam and phishing campaign, cited by criminals for the omicron variant of the coronavirus, has already reached tens of thousands of recipients worldwide.

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Fraudsters use psychological manipulation to deceive their prospective victims by creating fear and insecurity in them by referring to the omicron variant. The current campaign is targeted at people who may be at greater risk of serious complications from Covid-19 due to their underlying conditions, especially diabetes.

Criminals refer to a document called “Diabetic’s Complete Omicron Protection Guide” in the email. The link points to a fake pharmaceutical website where the document and anti-diabetes dietary supplement are also available to “only the first 100 people”.

Biztributor, which operates as a domestic distributor of Bitdefender, also provided an excerpt from the spreading scam e-mail:

“The omicron version is about twice as infectious as the original virus and is up to 60 percent more infectious. The effect may be even worse than before, as studies show that diabetics develop more severe complications, even when vaccinated. Luckily, you can protect yourself from this new, deadly version with this brand new, free guide you can download here for the rest of the day: A Complete Omicron Protection Guide for Diabetics (first 100 people only). To protect yourself and your loved ones. “

The link to the malicious website seeks to provide you with sensitive personal and banking information, as well as malicious software, including spyware and trojans that steal your credentials. Emails are usually in a formal, well-structured form that encourages users to open the link in the letter, then download the guide and order the dietary supplement.

96 percent of emails come from IP addresses in Turkey, Bitdefender said. To date, more than half (59%) of fraudulent emails have arrived in mailboxes in the U.S., but the scam is already spreading in Europe and Asia.

Bitdefender experts advise users to thoroughly analyze their suspicious emails, pay attention to grammatical and typing errors, and not fall for bids that seem too good. Do not click on the links in e-mails on this subject or download the attachments. Keep your antivirus software up to date and install security updates; use a security solution that includes anti-phishing and anti-malware technologies.

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