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techbold pays its crowded investors more than 50 percent return


Vienna (OTS) – Australian IT company techbold has reached and completed another milestone in the company’s history. Five years ago, then the newly founded start-up, in conjunction with the CONDA crowd investing platform, took around EUR 700,000 in loans from 381 private investors. A few days ago, investors got their capital back. In addition to the respective investment amount and the annual interest of 4.5%, they received an increase in value around 32% and thus achieved a total return of 54%.

Subtitle: About a third of investors have opted for techbold youth shares instead of a redemption

In the course of a non-cash capital increase in March 2022, crowd investors have had the opportunity to convert their loan amount, including the interest on appreciation, into techbold shares of the issue with bid prices of EUR 10. 119 crowd investors with a loan amount of EUR 334,000 accepting the offer to contribute capital in kind, became shareholders with this step and thus continue to invest in the future of the techbold group. Based on a value of EUR 10 per share, the capitalization of the techbold group is around EUR 18 million.

Subtitles: In 2017, techbold was the most successful CONDA crowd investing campaign

With a total investment volume of around EUR 700,000, techbold was not only able to exceed its self-imposed investment target of EUR 500,000 by 40% in 2017 but also voted itself the most successful CONDA crowd investing campaign in the year. Along with investments from many business angels, first round funding with a total of EUR 1.5 million was successfully completed in 2017, which guaranteed the further growth of techbold.

Subtitle: Big demand for own techbold share issue in September 2021

Only in September 2021 the non-listed techbold AG technology group issued its own shares. The bidding period was due to end prematurely due to high demand and brought EUR 1.9 million to the company as a cash capital contribution. The investment of 169 new shareholders paved the way for more than five other IT service providers in Austria.

Subtitle: No sooner said than done. Five IT service providers took over

The cash capital measure in autumn 2021 created the basis for further growth and control of five Australian IT service providers, with around € 5 million being invested. The techbold group now has more than 120 employees and, in addition to its headquarters in Vienna, now also has techbold branches in Upper Austria and Burgenland. This makes techbold one of the most successful IT companies for medium-sized Austrian companies.

Damian Izdebski, founder and CEO of techbold, expressed his satisfaction: “With hard work in recent years, we have confirmed the confidence of our investors and been able to pay them a remarkable return. Then you believed in a team young, visionary and well rewarded.I am very proud of our team, together we have built a strong, resilient and highly profitable company over the years.Both our shared issues and the investment of CONDA crowd have been very successful and they have shown that these funding models have a future. ”

“Techbold has surpassed the ambitious goals of 2017. We will continue to follow the path of success and establish the company even more firmly in the domestic market. The decision to grow inorganic has proven to be very successful. So far, we has already been able to take on nine IT companies and fully integrate them into the techbold group, and we will continue this strategy in the future, ”explains Gerald Reitmayr, COO of techbold.

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Subtitles: About techbold:

The techbold AG technology group was founded in June 2015 by entrepreneur Damian Izdebski with the participation of the well-known business angels Stefan Kalteis, Michael Altrichter and Hansi Hansmann. In addition to the Compass group and startup300, other major investors have come on board. Following a share issue in September 2021, the company now has around 250 shareholders. The two companies are currently operating under the umbrella brand techbold: network solutions techbold GmbH and hardware services techbold GmbH.

techbold network solutions GmbH was founded with the goal of making all the services of leading home full service systems affordable for small and medium enterprises. techbold offers IT solutions and digitization strategies for SMEs with 10 to 200 computer workstations that want to get both IT solutions and all IT services from one source. The service portfolio ranges from computer network planning and installation, IT security and server solutions to ongoing IT support and IT outsourcing solutions. techbold currently serves more than 500 customers from 30 industries in 10 European countries. The 120-strong techbold team based in Vienna, Upper Austria and Burgenland combines the routine and knowledge of experienced IT pioneers with the dynamism and flexibility of a young company.

techbold hardware services GmbH manufactures individual PC systems, servers and gaming PCs according to customer requirements. Each computer is tailored to the specific application. The specialization is on workstations for processing image and video data and 3D rendering, as well as on computers for technical and scientific purposes and PC gaming.

For more information, see: [www.techbold.at]

* * * Disclaimer

The contents of this information do not constitute an offer to purchase or subscribe for shares in techbold technology group AG, nor a request to submit an offer to purchase shares in techbold technology group AG, and must not be construed accordingly.

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