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Technology reveals new brand identity with new corporate slogan “Game is Real”

Black Shark, the cutting-edge gaming technology company, today announced the launch of its new brand identity, with a redesigned visual identity and new corporate slogan “Game is Real”.

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The new Black Shark logo and company slogan

The new Black Shark logo and company slogan “Game is Real”.

Black Shark aims to provide a unique and unmatched gaming experience with hardware, software and services and to create the best gaming world with global players. The evolution of the brand identity will mark a starting point for the company to move towards another significant milestone, providing far-reaching effects on the company’s development, product definition, brand recognition, as well as on the positive impact on the cooperative partnership in the echo of the Black Shark-system games.

Positioning of the established brand in the gaming smartphone market segment

As a leader in the gaming smartphone industry, Black Shark has successfully expanded its footprint globally in just two years since its founding. Thanks to its strong capacity for technical innovation and deep knowledge of the sector and users, Black Shark has reached over 1 million global users, occupying the largest market share in the gaming smartphone market segment in China, meanwhile earned incredible brand advertising all over the world. What lies behind the evolution of the brand identity is the deep vision of the Black Shark sector and a clear strategy for future development.

Harrison Luo (Yuzhou Luo), the new CEO of Black Shark, He said: “Through two years of exploration and growth in the sector, Black Shark has strongly affirmed that the gaming smartphone market segment is proven and worth the expectation. The more divided the market segment, the stronger the existence of industrial competition, which exactly reflects the path we have chosen to take is the right way to make progress. Black Shark will never position our brand positioning in the traditional smartphone sector. Instead, we want to embrace and understand our main users, we are willing to develop and evolve together with the gaming sector. For example, Black Shark announced the new partnership with Tencent Games last month. In the future, the two companies will join forces in the development of gaming hardware and software to jointly explore the bright future of the mobile gaming industry. With the new brand identity announcement, Black Shark declares that our goal is to provide the best gaming experience with gaming devices and accessories, build the complete Black Shark game ecosystem and create the best game world with players global. ”

Brand personality traits related to game spirits

The game is in the Black Shark genes. To achieve and strengthen user resonance, Black Shark has greater value in presenting its brand personality traits in this brand identity update. To change the company slogan from “Born to Compete” to “Game is Real”, Black Shark offers a unique perspective regarding the connection between the brand and the game, reality and virtuality, even young people and games, reflecting that Black Shark stands and shares the same sense of value with players, such as keeping faith, seeking joy, believing in team spirit, being fond of cyberpunk, full of ardor and spiritually rebellious.

New visual identity system inspired by the game features

Along with this new introduction of brand identity, Black Shark has renewed the entire brand identity visual system, including logos, fonts and color shades, to improve brand recognition. The redesigned logo maintains the basic structure of two swimming sharks with a uniformly redesigned enhancement, which remains highly recognized and familiar to the public as a brand symbol. The new series of flat design style fonts significantly evokes a feeling of modernity and fashion. To generate a greater impact scale of the new brand identity, Black Shark has prepared a version of various derivative products characterized by a strong hard-core game style, as a vector to provide the new brand identity.

Everything for a better gaming experience and the creation of the best game world with global players

“With the release of our new brand identity, Black Shark will continue to provide the best hardware, software and services to offer a more integrated gaming ecosystem to global players. We hope that our new brand identity will win multi-player recognition, bring them closer to us and build a fantastic 5G game world with us, “he said. David Li (Fan Li), Vice President of Black Shark Global responsible for overseas activities.

Black Shark has achieved many successes since it was launched in foreign markets, as the first Chinese brand to collaborate with the two main operators in South Korea; proudly ranks first in the gaming smartphone market segment in Japan and Southeast Asia; successfully enters powerful sales channels such as Fnac-Darty and Boulanger in Europe. Black Shark interacts with global players in daily communication, striving to better understand the needs of players and to respond to the market with better designed products.

About Black Shark

The state-of-the-art gaming technology company, Black Shark, creates a gaming ecosystem based on hardware, software and services, now mainly carried by smartphones. Black Shark aims to provide a unique and unparalleled gaming experience and builds the best game world with global players. Black Shark is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. For more information, visit the company’s global website: http://global.blackshark.com/

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