February 14, 2020

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Ted Mundorff, former CEO of Landmark Theater at ArcLight lands

Less than four months after he retired from being Chief Executive of Landmark Theater, Ted Mundorff's Los Angeles film show has achieved a new job in his old haunt, ArcLight Cinemas.

Mundorff is named as president and chief operating officer of ArcLight, owned by the firm Decurion Corp based at the L.A, the company said Friday.

ArcLight, which was launched in 2002 – has 11 sites in the Los Angeles area, including the main Hollywood theater and the Pacific Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard. He also has theaters in Boston, Chicago, Washington and San Diego.

The company has been without a chief operating officer for a number of years.

The chain made a name for itself by offering stadium seats and being the first to serve alcohol. Since then these amenities have become the norm for major multiplexes, including the large national chains such as AMC Theater and Regal Cinemas.

Ted Mundorff

Ted Mundorff has joined ArcLight Cinemas as president and COO.

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The appointment of ArcLight, run by the Chairman and Chief Executive Christopher Forman, is the kind of home for Mundorff, which starts next week. Prior to working on Landmark, Mundorff worked as vice president and film buyer at ArcLight and his Theater Atlantic Theater Pacific.

“When I left, there was one theater at ArcLight,” Mundorff told the Times. “Things have deteriorated and gone nationally, and it is a successful story, and we want to keep it on track.” T

Mundorff, who divides his time between Playa Vista and Laguna Beach, worked for more than 15 years at Landmark, and was a CEO in 2007. He opened the main art circuit theaters in Los Angeles and New York at the company and expanded its reach to locations with Denver, Indianapolis, Washington and Miami.

He resigned in October, less than a year after the company sold to Cohen Media Group, the film production and distribution company of New York's real estate billionaire Charles S. Cohen. Bill Cuban and Todd Wagner were billionaire investors who held the previous circuit.