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telecoms operators ready for massive telework and streaming

Will hold, will not hold? The question arises as more and more companies urge their employees to use telework. Will operators’ networks bear the load? At the risk of putting an end to the hopes of some betting on a network failure to be absent, this will not happen. Telecom operators are ready and they are making it known.

Orange is fully mobilized to ensure the continuity of its networks, critical in the current crisis, while ensuring the protection of its employees“Wrote Stéphane Richard, the CEO of Orange, in a Tweet. The sentence sums up the situation well for the four national operators: guaranteeing both access to communications and protecting the health of their employees. “Telecoms operators have been preparing for several weeks. They organized themselves into brigades, to limit contact between employees, while being able to ensure the maintenance of networks and continuity of service“Explains Michel Combot, Director General of the French Telecoms Federation (FFTelecom).

Telecommuting, less greedy than Netflix

The networks are sized to face the peak of communication, which we record in the evening“Explains a spokesperson for Bouygues Telecom. Indeed, it is when people return home and connect either to streaming platforms – Netflix in mind – or to those of online video games. “We have seen a significant increase in connections to Call of Duty … but do not repeat it! “, Laughs an operator. However, teleworking tools are much less data intensive than video streaming. In Italy, Iliad (the parent company of Free) recorded an increase in connections during the day, but this remains below the peak of the evening. Unless you imagine a kind of giant teleconference in which all of France would participate, there is nothing to worry about!

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On the other hand, the question arises on the side of companies. “Not all have the right tools to enable teleworking and not all employees are trained in these tools“, We explain at SFR. But everyone has the same concern: keeping activity at a level as normal as expected. There is no shortage of telework solutions implemented by start-ups or large service providers like Microsoft, but companies still need to be equipped.

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