Telefónica launches Movistar Car, a service to transform the vehicle into a «connected car»


Telefónica announced on Friday the start of the commercialization in Spain of Movistar Car, a service that connects the car "to make it safer and smarter" and that works thanks to a device and an application that is managed from the mobile phone. This service, the Spanish multinational has detailed in a statement, is available to all mobile phone users, regardless of whether they are Movistar clients or not.

The company explained that, once the service is contracted, the customer will receive at the desired address a device that incorporates a SIM card and that must be installed in their vehicle following the instructions of the mobile application that was previously downloaded to the mobile phone, from where you will manage the service.

The service is compatible with gasoline cars manufactured since 2004 and diesel engines manufactured since 2005.

Among its features, the device creates an exclusive Wi-Fi network over 4G for the car, in case of impact calls a platform that initiates the assistance protocol and allows to schedule maintenance checks and receive alerts related to possible vehicle failures. In addition, you can locate the car at all times and can obtain discounts thanks to agreements reached with third parties.

Movistar launched the Movistar Car reservations website in December 2018 and has so far received more than 15,000 reservations. .


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