Tell the truth or eat disgust: the challenge is accepted by Lauris Reiniks – Celebrities

The hosts of the show Dagmāra Legante-Celmiņa, Sanda Dejus and Kristīne Virsnīte have always taken care of a well-known gentleman not only provocative questions, but also a very unusual treat to put “on the tooth” when there is no courage to answer. And with the same harsh weapons, the charming lord has the opportunity to play.

This time, the popular singer and host of the 360TV show “Tell me it out loud” Lauris Reiniks allows the play. Will he be ready to reveal which of Latvia’s celebrities is the most annoying, and will not be embarrassed when Kristīne Virsnīte challenges to answer which of the singers – Samants Tīna, Linda Leen or Aija Andrejevs – he would “leave behind” at the last minute before the concert?

Video: Lauris Reiniks “tells the truth or eats disgust”


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