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Ten dead, including children, after gunmen opened fire in the NPC highlands


March 12, 2020 6:33:33 PM

Ten people were killed, including three children, in a massacre in the remote mountainous areas of Papua New Guinea.

Key points:

  • The police are looking for armed men who have fled to the jungle
  • Three children aged between five and six were among those killed
  • The killings are believed to be linked to another massacre last year

Police told ABC that a criminal gang was behind the attack in a village near Porgera in the province of Enga and that the assailants were looking for a rival.

They said nine people were killed and one woman was fighting for her life. A community leader who asked not to be appointed for security reasons told ABC that the woman died.

The police are currently trying to find armed men who fled the scene after the arrival of the police.

“Because it’s a type of guerrilla, they retreated to the jungle, so I’m in the mountains,” said chief inspector Luvi Florian.

“We are currently working around the clock with the information we need to try to arrest gunmen.”

Chief Inspector Florian said the three children killed in the attack were between five and six years old.

The community leader said that gunmen ambushed the victims on their traditional hunting grounds.

Chief Inspector Florian said the killings are believed to have been linked to another massacre last year in which more than a dozen women and children were killed.

There are also concerns that three Seventh-day Adventist missionaries may have been killed in the same area earlier this month and police are keeping an eye on the potential for retaliatory attacks.

“We are ready to repress any further violence,” said Chief Inspector Florian.


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