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Tengku Asks General Napoleon To Unravel Institutional Traitors: Keep It Clean!

Suara.com – Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte who is now a suspect in the case removal of red notice making threats exposing everyone involved to accept bribes from the convicted Djoko Tjandra.

The threat from a high-ranking Police official who is a suspect has become a byword among political observers.

According to academics a number of universities and founder of the Indonesian Public Opinion and Discussion Group Survey Institute Hendri Satrio, Napoleon Bonaparte should have mentioned who was involved in the bribery circle Djoko Tjandra.

“Why do you have to use the pinch, just dismantle it, there are the authorities, right?” said Hendri Satrio on his social media.

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s statement, who once served as head of the International Relations Division at the National Police Headquarters, was conveyed when his detention was handed over to the South Jakarta District Prosecutor’s Office on Friday (16/10/2020). He said it would be time. Wait for the D day. We’ll open all of them later.

Deputy Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Council Tengku Zulkarnain supported Napoleon Bonaparte to dismantle all the people who received Djoko Tjandra’s bribes.

“Well. Unpack, unload the institutional traitors. Make it clean,” said Tengku.

The Directorate of Corruption Crimes at Bareskrim Polri has detained Napoleon Bonaparte and businessman Tommy Sumardi since Wednesday (14/10/2020).

Napoleon and Tommy are suspects in the case of alleged gratification in the revocation of Djoko Tjandra’s red notice. Before being detained, the two of them had to undergo a swab test.

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At that time, the Head of the Public Information Bureau of the National Police Divhumas, Brig. Gen. Awi Setiyono, said that the detention was carried out before the handover of stage II of the case files for alleged gratification of the red notice revocation to the prosecutor’s office.

“That is what needs to be known regarding the commitment of the National Police in the case of revoking red notice,” he said.

In the case of alleged gratification for the removal of red notice, the police named four suspects, namely Djoko Tjandra and Tommy Sumardi as gratification providers, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Brigadier General Prasetijo Utomo as recipients of gratuities. The suspects Djoko and Prasetijo have already been detained.

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