Tennis: An expensive pee break

In her first round at the St Petersburg tournament, Ilya Ivashka (ATP 141) was given a penalty game for using the bathroom. The Belarusian literally went crazy.

Ivashka in discussion with the supervisor and chair umpire of the ATP 500 tournament in St. Petersburg.

The St. Petersburg tournament gave rise to an unconventional scene. A misunderstanding between the chair umpire and player Ilya Ivashka (26) resulted in a one play penalty against the Belarusian. Not happy at all, the ATP number 141 got angry all red, then he ended up winning his first round match against Adrian Mannarino 6-3 7-6 (8-6).

Recall of facts. While the score of this meeting was 6-3 2-3, Ilya Ivashka took a medical time out. On this occasion, he asked for the possibility of taking an “emergency toilet break”. With the doctor’s consent, Belarusian left the court.

Upon his return, chair umpire Richard Haigh advised him that he was not allowed to use the bathroom at this point in the game. This is because the player had already used the bathroom during the warm-up. And that, according to the regulations, he can only do this once under a medical time-out regime.

Three successive penalties

Believing that he had taken too long, he decided to sanction him. And rather three times than one. “Because of the time you have plaugh for go to the bathroom, you were three times late to return to the field. It stherefore acts da warning for asee delayed the game, da penalty point and a penalty set, also for asee the game delayed, ”explained the referee.

The Belarusian, who had therefore just been broken by Mannarino without playing, asked the referee if it was a joke… then he screamed in despair, but above all in incomprehension.

The moral of this pee break is that Ilya Ivashka immediately took over Mannarino’s service. But what history does not say is if the Frenchman was not, too, destabilized by this surreal scene.

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