Tesla has a strong competitor. The elegant Lucid Air attracts 1080 horses and a range of over 800 km

In the past, there has been talk of various competitors for the American Tesla. In most cases, however, it was just words about various concepts that one day are supposed to stand up to Tesla models. One such is Lucid Air. In this case, however, it is not a concept, but a serial electric car, which has already reached its world premiere.

Will Tesla go after his neck?

This issue is one of the most discussed in the last few years. Tesla has an advantage, it currently has four models on offer, while Lucid has just revealed his model. Tesla is aimed at a wider group of customers, while models such as the Lucid Air will be more a matter for a few enthusiasts. But maybe I’m wrong… After all, you can also think about it.

A proper herd of horses and autonomous management of the third level

The pair of engines will offer up to 1080 horses, which are sent to all four wheels. In terms of quarter-mile race numbers, this is a time of 9.9 seconds. As for the journey, it should not be a problem to leave Prague to Havířov and back. According to the EPA test cycle, Lucid Air can cover 517 miles on a single charge, ie 832 kilometers.

The carmaker bet on a battery with a capacity of 113 kWh, while Tesla relies on batteries with a smaller capacity. The game about the biggest run is a bit unfair. And another question arises: is it at all productive to drive a battery capacity in an electric car that means high weight and therefore higher consumption?

Lucid Air will offer up to 32 sensors plus other necessary technologies, such as radars, lidars and so on. The result is hardware for autonomous third-level control. According to the carmaker, there are also some of the most modern headlights on offer, but most likely it will be the same technology that is used today, for example, by Audi or BMW.

Speed ​​not only behind the wheel

A very important part of all electric cars is their charging. Lucid Air will be very good in this respect as well. To be precise, the carmaker claims that it will be the car with the fastest charging.

Lucid Air

In ideal conditions, the Air can increase its range by 20 miles in a single minute, or 32 kilometers. A twenty-minute break for coffee and charging then means a range of up to 482 kilometers. Nice, but I wonder what the battery will say?

A bit like a Mercedes, just with Alex

The dashboard is dominated by three displays, which are connected to each other. If you think you have seen a similar concept somewhere, it was a model from Mercedes. They normally rely on two consecutive displays and at one time it was a very interesting and effective solution.

The three displays rising from the dashboard have a total of 34 inches. Like the new generation Mercedes S-Class Lucid Air also bet on the large infotainment display, which is slanted between the center tunnel and the dashboard. From the available photographs, it can be seen that Lucid went the path of simplicity to minimalism.

Lucid works with Amazon, so Alex’s voice assistant will be available in the Air model. It is fully available to you, whether it is tasks related to navigation, media, telephoning or preparing your shopping list. All without having to take your hands off the wheel.

Four versions and at least 1.8 million

There will be four versions on offer, and as usual, the most affordable will arrive last. This is a variant with a simple name Air. The price tag starts at $ 80,000, ie 1.8 million crowns.

Lucid Air

A step higher is the Air Touring version, which starts in the USA at 2.1 million crowns. The paper range according to the EPA cycle is 406 miles (653 kilometers), acceleration from rest to 96 km / h is a matter of 3.2 seconds and the maximum speed is 250 km / h.

In just three seconds, it will travel at a speed of 96 km / h, you can set off on paper without the need to charge up to 832 kilometers of a distant city, and you have 800 horses at your disposal with the right pedal. These are the technical parameters of the Lucid Air Grand Touring. And the price? $ 139,900, ie 3.1 million crowns.

Above this version is only the Air Dream Edition, for which you can withdraw thirty thousand dollars more (674 thousand crowns) from your wallet. The reward will be 1080 horsepower and acceleration even 0.5 seconds better than in the case of the Grand Touring. You will only get worse with the range, at 465 miles (748 kilometers).

Lucid Air

For all versions, the carmaker states that in twenty minutes of charging, you will increase the range by 482 kilometers. Of course, only if you reach for the fastest possible charging standard. The Air Grand Touring and Air Dream Edition will be launched in the second quarter of next year. Air Touring will arrive in the winter of the same year and the cheapest version in 2022.

Same strategy as Tesla

Lucid’s pricing policy is relatively bold. Like Tesla, but also Volkswagen, for example, it will be the last to launch its most affordable variant. The goal is clear. Make enough money on more expensive models and then start producing a cheaper model, where the company does not have such a margin. After all, Tesla took a similar path.

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