Tesla increases range and improves Model 3 equipment

The Tesla Model 3 is a car that keeps changing over time. Talk to owners who have seen minor changes here and there over the past few years, in addition to automatic wireless updates that change the interface. However, Tesla has just given a boost with the confirmation of several changes in equipment, technology and autonomy, making the most important modification ever seen for a Model 3.

The most obvious changes are related to the aesthetics of the car. All the chrome on the exterior, such as around the windows and on the door handles, was removed, in addition to changing the wheels on all models. Note the arrival, as standard for the Performance version, of 20-inch Überturbine wheels, modeled on those of the Model Y.

On board, the console is now reworked to be more user-friendly and allow, as standard, the wireless charging of two smartphones. Although it is not confirmed, several publications report the arrival of a heated steering wheel, which would correct one of the car’s flaws. The motorized trunk is now standard, as are the auto-color mirrors.

Tesla Model 3 screenshot

The most important change, however, is under the body. The heating system was modified to install a heat pump – like the Model Y – to improve energy efficiency in cold weather. The windows are now double-layered to improve soundproofing and insulation. The cooling port is also now heated, improving functionality in winter.

Tesla Model 3

As the heat pump consumes less energy than the system that has been fitted to the Model 3 since their arrival on the market, Tesla announces a gain in autonomy without the battery being modified, which confirms the leading position that Tesla occupies. in the matter.

Model Previous autonomy Current autonomy
Tesla Model 3 SR+ 402 km 423 km
Tesla Model 3 LR AWD 519 km 568 km
Tesla Model 3 Performance 481 km 507 km

Tesla Model 3

Acceleration times from 0 to 100 km / h are also shortened. The Performance version only takes 3.3 seconds to reach 100 km / h, while the entry-level SR + version takes 5.6 seconds.

Tesla Model 3 screenshot

The modified Tesla Model 3s are currently in production in Fremont, California. According to Tesla’s website, an order today translates into a delivery in five to nine weeks. The prices remain unchanged.


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