Tesla Model 3 SR + Made in China, unlocked more autonomy via software

For several months Tesla decided to take advantage of the Chinese factory’s overproduction of Shanghai, to import various cars into Europe. The last of the series was the Model Y, but well before the Model 3 arrived, initially only in the version Standard Range Plus, with discounted price and lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.

This car was initially the subject of criticism from European customers, for some charging difficulties in colder climates, precisely because of the chimica LFP of the batteries. After a few weeks of data collection, Tesla has adjusted the game, improving performance through Over-The-Air updates. Things have improved so much that the youtuber Bjørn Nyland showed how now the Model 3 SR+ Made in China is perhaps even the best of the lot, with better charging curve, and more constant performance even with an almost empty battery.

In recent days, Nyland himself has carried out new tests on the same model, after the report of some users, according to which Tesla had further improved things, giving more autonomy to the car. In the new video, the popular youtuber shows us the data obtained from the Scan My Tesla app, where it is noted that the energy reserved for the emergency buffer has been brought at only 2.5 kWh, from the previous 5.5 kWh. It means that the car now has a whopping 3 kWh more, which can bring up to 20km of additional range.

During the test, the car actually proved to be improved, as well as having incredible efficiency, which however has always been a prerogative of the Model 3 SR +. In a single charge, simulating a common use of the car, the car traveled 438 km, with still a slight residual charge margin.

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Tesla Model 3 MIC


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