Tesla has implemented several changes to the design of the Model 3, your most successful electric vehicle. In this new version it has included a heat pump to improve autonomy in very cold climates, it has improved the autonomy of the vehicle and it has also implemented a new electric boot, among other things.

All changes already They can be seen in the configurator on the company’s website. These are important improvements, especially considering that this has been the World’s best-selling electric vehicle in the first half of 2020. The changes consist of:

  • New tires Aero 18 “for the standard plus autonomy model and great autonomy.
  • New tires Sport 19 “also for the standard plus autonomy model and great autonomy.
  • New tires Uberturbine for the model Performance, which were seen in the original presentation of the Model 3 in 2016 and, for several months, could be purchased with the Model Y Performance.
  • They remove all the chrome from the vehicle, including the windows, sensors, door handles and mirrors. The result is similar to the Model Y.
  • New electrical system for the rear boot.

The interior also shows aesthetic changes. The center console now has a more traditional design. The finish is removed piano black And now it has a simpler opening mechanism.

New heat pump, improved autonomy and more acceleration in the Model 3

He Model 3 worked with heating resistors They take up less space and are also cheap to produce. The problem is that under certain conditions it can use a lot of energy, reducing the range of the vehicle.

To solve it, they have changed the system and now it works with a reversible heat pump, just like the Model Y. In cold climates, this mechanism is more efficient than resistors, especially above -4 degrees Celsius.

These changes have also resulted in autonomy improvements of the vehicle according to the WLTP cycle. The new numbers are as follows:

  • Standard autonomy plus: from 409 kilometers to 430 kilometers
  • Great autonomy (all-wheel drive): from 560 kilometers to 580 kilometers
  • Performance: from 530 kilometers to 567 kilometers

In the EPA cycle used in the United States, which is more realistic, the changes are also reflected:

  • Standard autonomy plus: from 402 kilometers to 423 kilometers
  • Great autonomy (all-wheel drive): from 518 kilometers to 568 kilometers
  • Performance: from 481 kilometers to 507 kilometers

Finally, the Model 3 Great autonomy Y Performance now they offer slightly better acceleration, reducing by 0.2 and 0.1 seconds, respectively, the step from 0 to 100 km / h.