Tesla owner mocked hijackers while waiting for police to arrive

This case is an example of how remote access technologies can help find and make fun of the hijackers of the Tesla electric car.

Tesla Model 3 signaled owner Annabelle Brett that her cars had been entered. Brett was not taken aback and went in pursuit of the intruders, mocking them on the way through an application on a smartphone.

After receiving the notification via the Tesla Mobile app, Annabelle went to the garage, where she did not find her electric car. The application also allows you to track the location of the car, which the victim took advantage of when she drove her acquaintance’s car with him for the hijackers.

Again, through Tesla Mobile, Annabelle activated the “Valet Mode”, which allows you to limit the maximum speed at around 112 km / h, as well as turn on and off the lights, control power windows, and a horn.

The criminals could not stand such a psychological attack, stopped and left the Tesla Model 3. They were in such a hurry that one of them left a driver’s license in the electric car. It will not be difficult to prove that it belongs to an attacker, because Tesla cars have a “Sentry Mode” mode, which includes a recording of the environment in the event of a threat of illegal actions from others.


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