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Tesla will sell Megapack battery storage for 218 million crowns

About two years ago, Tesla introduced its product called Megapack. It was Tesla’s third stationary energy product after Powerwall, which can store energy for households, and Powerpack, for example, can supply energy to several households at once.

One Megapack unit is a three megawatt-hour battery system. It is basically a container with integrated modules, inverters and heating systems. “A battery with a capacity of three megawatt hours would be able to supply electricity to about eight and a half thousand households for one hour,” says Jan Fousek, executive director of the Association for Energy Accumulation and Battery AKU-BAT.

“Standardized and scalable battery storage is commonplace around the world and is already provided by tens to hundreds of global companies,” explains Fousek, adding that the Megapack is talked about because it is from Tesla and therefore sexy.

For the first time, Tesla has unveiled more detailed prices for this commercial energy storage product. The price for one Megapack climbs to $ 1,235,890, or approximately 27 million crowns. Although Tesla published the price discreetly only on its website, the product immediately became very popular with some electricity suppliers.

Megapack is intended exclusively for public services and large commercial customers, so it is not expected that Megapack will be sold individually. Tesla uses ten Megapacks by default in its configurator. In that case, the price will rise to $ 9,999,290, or approximately 218 million crowns.

At the same time, Tesla revealed rough delivery dates for Megapack devices in various markets. In California, for example, Tesla believes it will start delivering Megapack next year. Most other markets will have to wait at least until 2023 to acquire a massive battery unit.

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