Test of power

A desert and a tide. First, the desert, that of massive abstention. This Sunday, six out of ten voters preferred not to travel for the appointment of their mayor. From these urns that sound hollow, however, a clear message came out: very many French people, at least those who voted in large cities, aspire to an ecological shift. The green tide is there, before our eyes. Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Besançon, Tours, Poitiers… All of these cities will be managed for the next six years by an environmental mayor.

→ ANALYSIS. Municipal 2020: green wave and abstentionist tidal wave

Politically, the wave is spectacular, when we remember that Europe Ecology-The Greens had not even been able to present a presidential candidate in 2017. This result is a challenge for the new elected officials. Ecology finds itself this morning in the test of power. Nationally, this ordeal often ended in disillusionment, Nicolas Hulot can testify.

The result of these municipal elections is also a challenge for Emmanuel Macron. The equation is complex for the President of the Republic. His party, LREM, failed in its local establishment. The only figure in his majority to emerge unquestionably victorious from the poll is his Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, re-elected in Le Havre, but from which he hesitates to part. Like his predecessors, Emmanuel Macron intended to “step over” these intermediate elections. But we don’t cross the tide, much less the desert. He must take into account both the aspirations of the voters who spoke and the dismay of those who did not consider it necessary to travel yesterday. This Monday’s meeting with the 150 members of the Citizens Climate Convention will lift a glimpse of his intentions for the days to come. The time has come for him, to use an expression dear to him, to “take his risk”.


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