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TEST: What is Apple Watch? “Galaxy Watch6 Classic”

I’ve never tested a Galaxy Watch before, so it was extra.


Especially since I have many Apple Watch models, including the expensive Apple Watch Ultra for which Apple charges NOK 9,990. Samsung also has a wide range of watches, with as many as three models of the latest 6th generation launched this week: Galaxy Watch6 (cheapest), Galaxy Watch6 Classic (second most expensive) and Galaxy Watch6 Pro (most expensive).

The company sent us Classic 47 mmmodel price at NOK 5,140. The smaller 43 mm model costs NOK 4,740. That’s why the Apple Watch Series 8 is closer in terms of price: Apple charges NOK 4,990 for the 41 mm and NOK 5,390 for the 45 mm.


  • Sapphire glass – 37,3mm
  • Fast charging
  • Infrared temperature sensor
  • 425 mAh
  • Sleep tracking
  • Cycle tracking
  • Body composition
  • 5ATM + IP68/MIL-STD-810H
  • 59.0 g


Unlike Apple, Samsung goes for a circular watch face. I have less problems with this approach than I anticipated, because like many others I mainly relate to the clock which from 2023 shows a lot of information. Only in the settings that the content is cut. Samsung has not found any way to solve this in the software, and it does not look very positive as it has the effect that you see little information for each row. Fortunately, this is a problem that more or less only manifests itself in the environments, so it is not a big problem.

But as I said, when you use the watch as clock There is a lot of space, and it looks a bit more natural than the Apple Watch (although several of the watch faces are less beautiful than the Apple.) When I switched back to the Apple Watch Ultra, I actually used it a fair bit. short time traditional circular design, and found it a little strange to look at a square cut clock. Samsung has also done a positive job with the amount of information in the apps. At the same time, I am less impressed by the watch faces.

When it comes to the design of the watch itself, I am a long way less positive. I’m close to referring to it as “ugly,” but I feel that it will be a bit far as it otherwise does the job. There is really no design to be seen. It seems to me like Samsung skipped talking to the designers before launching the Watch6, and instead made sure they had space for the watch face, battery and chipset. The watch looks like a small black ball with an associated “cheap-feeling” strap that I think is made of plastic.

In use

Up, down, right, left. It is a bit much to deal with at the beginning, but you quickly get used to the navigation. If you slide down, you bring up the quick menu, from left to right you bring notifications, right to left widgets, and below you bring up the application list (which I hardly ever deal with.) There are also two buttons. on the right, but only the one at the top is important: it sends you back to the viewing figure, while the one at the bottom sends the user back.

In addition to touch, Samsung has implemented a physical wheel that surrounds the face of the watch instead of a “digital crown” that Apple uses – this wheel sends you either to notifications, if you turn to the left, or to the widgets you can organize yourself. , if you turn to the right. I like the solution, but can hardly see the numbers on the inside – they are alt too small, especially when viewed from above.

The interface is smooth enough, especially after a few hours on (RAM optimized?), but Apple does it better with its chips and watchOS. The worst thing about the touch is that you have to press the screen first, if the screen is muted, otherwise nothing happens. Annoying, especially when you’re on the road.

I was surprised that much of what you try to do on the watch directs the user to complete on the Android. This includes installing basic health features before using them for the preceding. Samsung should fix this in the first connection of the mobile phone. It is also surprising that you will only be notified if you receive calls and SMS as standard – fortunately you can decide for yourself in the “Wearables” application:

The battery life is not shockingly positive (but the screen is always on and has positive brightness), and probably a little worse than the Apple Watch Ultra, but then Apple also charges around twice as much for the Ultra model, which should probably have even. better battery life for the price. If you use it to track sleep for eight hours and almost 100 percent battery, you will not have much left to go in the evening after an average day (without exercise.)


The worst thing about the Galaxy Watch6 Classic is the design, which reminds me of Steve Wozniak’s “Nixie Tube Watch”, only without the geek dots. And I’m disappointed that the watch face does not respond until you press it if it’s “sleeping.” That several of the dials also look less than elegant and beautiful is not surprising, but it is something Samsung needs to work on as they need to work on the design. The “black ball” style is a hard sell.

Samsung apps have positive information and interfaces are generally positive:

Leaving this aside, I am pleasantly surprised at how many functions Samsung has managed to pack into it, from sleep registration to automatic recording when you walk and exercise. nonetheless, I noticed that the watch did not always register that I was out and about, but Apple has exactly the same problem with the Watch series. Fortunately, the watch offers advanced health and fitness tracking, which for many people is the most important thing.

The biggest problem with the Watch6 Classic is that it doesn’t feel like a piece of jewelry like an Apple Watch. It feels a bit more like a “watch calculator” than a well-built watch that can also do a lot. poor? Maybe a little, but it’s also interesting that Samsung has something concrete to work with, so we’ll see if they deliver.

TEST: What is Apple Watch? “Galaxy Watch6 Classic”

We conclude

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic has fast charging, a great watch face and lots of features, but is it a quality watch? Not completely.

Reader rating40 Evaluation



Big and bright always-on dial

Many functions

Circular design works well in most cases

Fast charging

Sad design

Feels a bit cheap

Not the best touch

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