Thank you very much, Judge Marchena


Against the previous predictions, the judgment that is followed in the Supreme Court against the defendants of the procs it has been losing social and meditative protagonism. So much so, that the daily chronicle of what happens inside the courtroom has become just one more news among those that fill televisions, radios and newspapers.

To put it plainly, the defendants, part of their lawyers and all the nationalist and leftist forces that had proposed to convert the process of procs in a Show with the double objective of discrediting the Justice, as the basilar institution of our democracy, and of turning the judgment into a speaker of his delirious story about what happened in October of 2017 in Catalonia, have had to envainrsela, to stay with a span of noses.

That total normality in the development of the process has not been due, of course, to a scrupulous performance of the defenses, which much more often than the admissible one has shone by its absence. Several of the lawyers who represent their patrons have far exceeded the deontologically tolerable in compliance with their important work, which does not admit dirty tricks, questions and actions intended only to exasperate the court with the obvious purpose of preparing future allegations of lack of guarantees before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Neither the normality of the process is due to the witnesses who have appeared in support of the defendants, who have tried everything: from illustrating the magistrates on the supposed right to decide, to trying to convert the fifteen minutes of glory that spoke Andy Warhol in republican and separatist political meetings.

No, the normality of a process called to be an authentic absurdity by work and grace of the part that sits on the bench, is due to the action of the presiding court and, in a very special way, to the extraordinary performance of a judge who already deserves the respect and appreciation of all the democrats. Manuel Marchena fixed from the first gives a criterion as difficult as fair: respect without concessions the constitutional guarantees enjoyed by the defendants in our very guaranteed rule of law, without, at the same time, tolerate that those warrants were perverted, to turn the trial into a farce, by the defendants, their lawyers and the defense witnesses.

Manuel Marchena has demonstrated a portentous mixture of flexibility with rigor and absolute impartiality with the opposing parties. And it has favored, as it is its obligation, the right to defense, always avoiding that the respect to which all those present in the room are entitled to be violated. In the antipodes of the star judges of infamous memory, Marchena has rendered a service of incalculable value to Justice in Spain and to Spain itself as a social and democratic State of law. For all this, thank you very much, Mr. Judge.

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