Thanks to amparos “medicines” appear – The Sun of San Luis

The shortage of medicines has led to the promotion of 15 claims for amparo for patients to receive treatment, said José Mario de la Garza Marroquín, president of the Renace Board of Trustees.

The lawyer said that since Renace, 15 amparo lawsuits have been promoted for people from San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, Mexico City and Guadalajara, who had not received their medication to treat conditions such as cancer and leukemia, “children who have not they are given attention. “

He mentioned that those 15 amparos have been resolved in favor of the patients, “we are having a good response from the judges, they are ordering the hospitals and the doctors to give them the medicines, and we see that when we arrive with these sentences ‘the medicines appear’ and they deliver them. “

De la Garza Marroquín said that of those 15 resolved amparos, five correspond to patients from San Luis Potosí, and said that 10 more will be presented this week, along with six others who will demand the right of children to Have a decent school.

On this last issue, it should be remembered that in 2019 the association promoted an indirect protection for the rehabilitation of the José María Pino Suárez Primary School, located in the municipality of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, and the judge admitted that appeal, so the State Institute Physical Education Infrastructure (IEIFE) allocated more than one million pesos for the construction of a classroom and toilets.


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