That is why the current account “grew” to these people

Many Italians today have checked their current accounts and found themselves some extra money, why?

Euro (Source photo: Pixabay)

There are millions of Italians who this morning, checking their current account, found themselves more money. This is because they will finally be able to claim that they have received the Cashback. The reimbursement of 10% of the expenses incurred during the Christmas Cashback period are finally real.

A nice advertisement for the movement, with someone who was still touchy. The credit was readable on smartphones and on the web pages of many account holders. And by the first of March, so soon, over 3 million and 200 thousand citizens will get the money of the first month of Cashback.

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More money in the current account thanks to the initiative

The first refund, the one already received, concerns the period 8-31 December 2020. Consap, delegated by the state, is distributing 222 million euros. The average amount would be around 69 euros each, less than a hundred euros, but which would still be handy in this period.

The Cashback initiative was created to combat tax evasion and also to encourage consumption in neighborhood businesses in a period of economic crisis. For this year, the reimbursement of 10% of the expenses continues on a half-yearly division, while it begins to risk its execution, the Supercashback. We are talking about the premium of 1,500 euros every six months to the first 100 thousand people who make more transactions by 30 June.

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This is because the clever ones, having discovered the flaw in the system, have begun to split the payments, even single ones so as to be able to increase their chances of returning to the final prize rather than for other more honest ones. For now, the Supercashback is “frozen”, while the Ministry is studying new regulations in this sense, to avoid the infiltration of the crafty ones.

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