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The 10 best prospects for Washington 2020 citizens

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 23: A Washington Nationals logo is seen on a bat in the circle on the bridge before the game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on May 23, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies won 4-1. This image was taken with a fisheye lens. (Photo by Brian Garfinkel / Getty Images)

After many of the best national prospects recently graduated in minor leagues like Juan Soto is Victor Robles, and others have been mistaken for ML players like Jesus Luzardo, Washington citizens are left with one of the weakest agricultural systems in baseball. The Nationals, normally a team touted for its agricultural system, were the oldest team in last year’s big leagues, with an average age of just over 30 years. However, the core pieces of citizens remain young as they are offensively driven by the feeling of 21 year old Soto, and Robles is on the way.

Not everything is negative with the national agricultural system, since they have many lottery ticket players, with the potential to be the next “big prospects”, following the likes of Stephen Strasburg, Lucas Giolito is Bryce Harper.

The 10 best prospects for Washington 2020 citizens

10. Seth Romero: LHP

Seth Romero it was the selection of the first national round in the 2017 MLB Draft. Romero, advertised as a potential top 10, slipped to 25th in the project due to the layoff of the University of Houston after two suspensions. During his tenure in Houston, Romero showed a fast ball in the mid-90s, accompanied by a power slider and a developing change. During his three-year career in Houston, Romero had a 2.43 ERA, with 290 strikeouts in just 226 IPs. The scouts had Romero as one of the potential “MLB-Ready” customers. National fans also mentioned the possibility of launching Romero from the Major League bullpen in the 2017 season.

However, it was a difficult start for Romero’s greatest championship career. He was sent home by Washington citizens in 2018 for violating the team’s policies. There were also many questions about his conditioning and his work ethic. To make Romero’s situation worse, he submitted Tommy John surgery in September 2018. Since he had surgery, National pitching coach Paul Menhart he praised Romero for his rehabilitation process and for being in baseball form.

Romero was doing well in his short stretch in minors with 69 strikeouts at only 47 IP. After recovering from surgery, Romero projects himself as a back-end or back-end relief with his combination of fastball and slider. Romero’s change must develop more, as he has two “plus” shots with a fast ball in the mid-90s and a slider in the mid-80s. He has the opportunity to quickly rise through the national system now that he is healthy.

9. Yasel Antuna: SS

Washington citizens signed Yasel Antuna when he was only 16 outside the Dominican Republic. It was one of the top 15 international consensus prospects at the time and was signed for a hefty $ 3.9 million. Antuna fought injuries during her first three years in professional baseball since she lost almost the entire 2019 season with Tommy John’s intervention. Antuna stepped onto the strong scene in 2017 where he hit .301 and had three triples in the Gulf Coast League. After a strong rookie season, he was promoted to Single-A Hagerstown Suns where he fought, hitting .220 with 79 strikeouts in just 87 games played.

Citizens hope that with Antuna who is only 20 years old and who has an entire season to recover from Tommy John’s intervention will allow him to gain strength and increase his power profile. Antuna is a shorttop hitting the switch, which appears to have a smoother hit from the left side of the pot. Scouts have been impressed with his raw power, but this has not yet been translated into the games. With a further year of growth, they hope for an improvement in the energy sector. Pot discipline is another area where Antuna needs to improve as she beat 22.2% in her last full season. On the defensive level, Antuna is a solid short-range defender, but a future move to second base may be behind the scenes due to the limited range.

8. Israel Pineda: C

Israel Pineda it was signed for $ 450,000 in 2016, the same class as Antuna and Garcia. Pineda, a hunter of right-wing pitchers, is another of the national perspectives that have struggled after being promoted to Single-A, after a strong 2018 campaign. Pineda has good size, at 5’11 190 pounds, and physical instruments raw that can be modeled to become a Major League quality hunter. In the 2018 season with the Doubledays, he hit .273 with four human resources in just 46 games as a broken hamate bone made him lose the rest of the season. Pineda fought in 2019 after being promoted to Single-A, hitting just .217 and 102 strikeouts in 101 games. On the defensive side, Pineda has a solid arm, eliminating 43% of the runners, but he has work to do on the block side, as he has passed 26 balls in 2019.

Citizens hope Pineda can fill the long-term void of catchers, like Kurt Suzuki is Yan Gomes they are 36 and 32 respectively. Even after a disappointing season in 2019, the 19-year-old catcher has all the tools to become one of the five best prospects by the end of the year.

7. Andry Lara: RHP

Andry Lara is the latest national perspective to reach the organization’s top 10. Lara, signed by citizens on July 2, 2019 outside Venezuela and owns a fast ball from the mid-90s and a ball that breaks the power to complete it. Being 17, Lara has the physical tools as she was one of the best 20 international prospects in 2019,

Lara still has a long way to go in her development, but the project is there for a solid perspective. He will have the opportunity for a MiLB upgrade program and add speed to an already solid fast ball, and continuing to develop the gearbox will allow for a three-shot arsenal. Being 17 years old, Lara doesn’t plan to be ready until the first season of 2024.

6. Tim Cate: LHP

Washington citizens selected Tim Cate 65th overall in the draft of the MLB 2018 of the University of Connecticut. Cate had one of the best curved curves in the 2018 draft according to many people around baseball. It has a low 90s fastball, along with a developing gearbox. Cate compares with the appetizer of former citizens Gio Gonzalez as it has a curved ring ball, with a fast finesse ball.

After exiting the bullpen in college at times, Cate has been a starter for citizens for the past two years. After a slow start to his professional career, Cate had a magnificent season of 2019 in which he launched an ERA 3.01 through two single-A levels with 139 strikeouts in 143.2 innings. Citizens hope that Cate can continue with this success and put it in the conversation for the Major League club. Cate proposes himself as a solid starting back-end if he continues to improve his command, which improved in 2019.

5. Wil Crowe: RHP

Just like Cate, Wil Crowe he was drafted 65th in the 2017 MLB draft from South Carolina. In three years in South Carolina, Crowe had an ERA of 3.48 in over 235 innings cast. For the most part, this success has translated into the minor leagues. In his brief debut in 2017, Crowe had a 2.96 ERA, launching in the GCL and New York-Penn League. Continuing on this solid start, Crowe had a 3.40 ERA in 2018, although he struggled at the end of the season after a promotion to Harrisburg. Last season, Crowe looked solid in double A before having a 6.17 ERA in the friendly Pacific Coast League.

Crowe has a solid fast ball, which can sometimes hit 95, and a “plus” change as his best side shot. He must continue to command his curved ball and throw it for shots to complete the solid combination of two shots above. With a strong 2020 season, Crowe could find himself helping citizens later in the year.

4. Mason Denaburg: RHP

Mason Denaburg it was the first national round choice in the 2018 MLB draft. According to a MASN report, Denaburg was selected after Mike Rizzo spoke with the national ace Max Scherzer in the draft process. There is a lot to appreciate about Denaburg as it has a fast ball from the mid to mid 90s and a hard ball that can produce swings and misses. As his change develops, Denaburg must be able to throw his curved ball for a strike to keep the shooters honest.

Denaburg had a shaky start in his MiLB career, having 14 walks in just 20 innings. He also had an ERA 7.52 last season. However, being only 20 years old, Denaburg has the potential to break out this season and put all his physical tools together and grow the national agricultural system.

3. Jackson Rutledge: RHP

After selecting Denaburg in 2018, citizens took it Jackson Rutledge in the first round of the following year. Rutledge moved from Arkansas and ended his college career at San Jacinto College. Standing at 6 feet 8 inches, Rutledge is a real pitcher with a short arm action. His fast ball is found in the mid-90s, with the arm’s action making it seem faster from his hand. Along with its fast ball, Rutledge has a power slider that reaches 90 miles per hour. He mixes in a curved ball, with his cursor being his best secondary shot.

Rutledge had a strong start in his professional career by having an ERA 3.13 and an AVG .169 against in 2019. He projects as a potential starter at the forefront, which has the potential to become a top 100 prospect as soon as the 2020 season. Citizens hope they have found a jug that can provide young people with their future rotation.

2. Luis Garcia: SS

Luis Garcia signed with citizens in 2017 for $ 1.5 million from the Dominican Republic. Garcia had an opportunity in Spring Training this year and turned a few heads, comparing Juan Soto in his approach. Even if his bat can never reach that level. Garcia has a ready-made MLB glove, which he can play all over the field, while projecting as a second base.

Garcia, who is only 19 years old, got off to a great start, hitting .302 and .298 in his first two seasons. However, after an aggressive double A promotion, Garcia struggled last year with an OBP of 0.280 and only four home runs. One of the biggest criticisms of Garcia’s game is his power, but citizens hope that as he continues to fill his frame, he will improve in this department.

Garcia is hitting .417 this spring training and has received praise from manager Davey Martinez, who alluded to him by playing with Trea Turner and Carter Kieboom in the future. Citizens are known to be aggressive with their young prospects. Self Starlin Castro struggling to start the year, could citizens speed up the Garcia? Although it won’t debut this year, Luis Garcia it will be a fundamental part of the future of citizens.

1. Cartier Kieboom: SS / 3B

Carter Kieboom, the brother of the former citizen hunter Spencer Kieboom, was drafted in 28th place overall in the high school 2016 MLB draft. Kieboom has been the first national shortstop drawn up in the first round ever since Anthony Rendon in 2011. Kieboom has performed well in the minor leagues since his first year of professional baseball. In his first full year in 2017, Kieboom hit .297 with nine home runs in just 61 games. After a year in the minors, Kieboom spent most of it last year with the Fresno Bulldogs, hitting .303 with 16 home runs. Between this stretch, he had an audition of 11 games at the Major League level. After being called to replace Brian Dozier in late April, Kieboom hit only .128, had 16 strikeouts and four mistakes in his short spurt in the big leagues.

Despite that tough stretch, Kieboom is able to be on the third base opening day this year as he fights Asdrubal Cabrera for the starting point. Kieboom plans to be an above average bat in the middle of the order, which has the power to hit 20 homeruns. However, Kieboom must improve defensively if he wants consistent playing time. Kieboom does not project as a breakpoint due to its limited reach. He was introduced to third base this spring after playing second base last year. This Spring Kieboom looks better, hitting .250 with a .417 OBP, but still looks stiff playing third base. If Kieboom can put skills together, he could be a candidate for NL Rookie of the Year.

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