The 10 hidden bombs in Pompeii


Pompeii was destroyed twice. Apart from being washed away by the lava of Vesuvius in the year 79 of our era, almost 2,000 years later it was subjected to a bombing in 1943 by the Allied forces that launched a total of 165 bombs in up to nine different attacks that were almost to destroy one of the most important archaeological sites of the Roman Empire. According to an investigation by the Italian newspaper Il Fato Quotidiano, there are at least 10 unexploded bombs under the ruins of Pompeii.

British and American aviation ravaged the sites of the buried city and were hidden for political reasons so as not to damage the image of the "good" allies. Among the architectural gems destroyed was the largest Roman fresco that had been preserved after the original eruption. Fortunately, the bombings did not affect most of the emblematic places. Il Fato Quotidiano has managed exclusive documents of the National Aerial Photo Archive, including a map of bombings and has interviewed numerous archaeologists and experts who say that "96 bombs were located and deactivated", while the rest remain in an area yet to be excavated. «Many of them were deactivated or had already exploded. But at least 10 of those explosives are still there », says the medium. The people in charge of the Archaeological Museum of Pompeya affirm that there is no risk for the 3.5 million visitors a year who receive the ruins since "the site has regularly elaborated the project of recovery of the explosives, which is carried out by of the military ».



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