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The 2020 updates of GT Sport will be “modest”, three new cars arriving next week

Last month, GT Sport players went without new content. While updates 1.54 and 1.55 gave way in January, they both focused on bug fixes and system changes.

The last major update to introduce new toys to be launched on the track was the 1.53 update last December. Since then, players have been looking forward to something new to sink their teeth into. This ends next week when Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed an update for the game next week – with new cars to start.

As you will soon see, the teaser image reveals three new vehicles that are coming to the game.

As always, the Tweet reveals an image with the traditional deal of vehicle silhouettes. The selection of the car is smaller than normal, but they are all relatively easy to identify. Starting from the elephant in the room, the silhouette on the far right is none other than the Aston Martin DBR9.

The Aston 6.0 with 6.0-liter V12 engine was confirmed for the game earlier this week. We have no doubt that the Le Mans winner will find his fair share of use in the game’s numerous race venues. The vehicle at the top looks like the Fiat 500, seen last time Gran Turismo 6 in 2013. Finally, there is what appears to be the Nissan 180SX, yet another car seen since GT6.

In addition to this, there is Yamauchi’s interesting comment which confirms that the game updates will be more modest in frequency and volume throughout the year. We already know that four cars will come to the game this year. These include the Lamboorghini Vision GT scheduled for this spring, a new Mazda GT3 class and two other Porsche models.

The comment questions a 2016 comment that it suggests GT Sport finally it could present up to 500 cars. As things slow down, he suggests that Polyphony Digital has started shifting its focus towards the next entry into the franchise.

Even perfect timing, considering PlayStation 5 launches later this year. We could look to the next Gran Turismo as a launch title for Sony’s next generation console? Only time will tell.

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