The 3 Chileans that Miguel Ponce proposed to get to La Roja

When Reinaldo Rueda seems to be living his last days as coach of the Red before returning to his country to take the leadership of the national team Colombia, several are the names that have sounded like replacements. Most are foreigners, but the coach of La Serena Miguel Ponce surprised with three Chilean candidates for the position.

“I find that there are a lot of people, Coto (Jose Luis) Sierra I think it has done enough merits, Ronald (Sources) He has also been doing the job well for a long time. Mario Salas Also, although we have all had good and bad moments, he has the merits and the enough career to be in charge of the National Team. I believe that we must be respectful of that trajectory and that experience, “said Ponce, whose name also appears to reach Juan Pinto Duran.

“It is always a compliment, but also with experience one has to be clear that this continues. Today my great concern is to be able to maintain a team that achieved a performance, to be able to get the necessary points to ensure permanence and we are on that path . What comes about my work is always going to be a compliment like any person who receives an award “, declared DT from Serene, who registers six consecutive wins in the last days of the National Championship.

In this regard, Ponce also finally assured that “I’ve always said that the most beautiful job I had was working in the national team for a World Cup. It is a very comforting job, very demanding, very stressful, because it represents a lot of people, but I’m still in the middle of something, I want to achieve it first and stay in First Division. “

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