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The 5 Most Colonial Countries in the World


Slavery that was part of the colonial era was abolished in the British Empire in 1833. Photo/Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – To expand territory, one of the ways that a country takes is to colonize other nations. This practice of colonialism is considered to be an effective strategy for the state to take over and utilize natural and human resources from its colonies for certain purposes.

However, this practice certainly has a negative impact on countries that feel the influence of colonialism from other countries.

The following are some of the countries with the most colonies in the world.

1. English

Launching Indy 100, England is a country that has the most colonies compared to other countries.

The country has colonized 115 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Papua New Guinea, and many more.

Launching World Atlas, despite having a country that is not so large and separate from mainland Europe, Britain is able to grow the largest empire in history, even today.

Historians argue that the British Empire could have had great success in colonialism because it invested in a formidable army and partnered with the local population to expand its territory.

2. France


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