The 50K credit line of the Belmar restaurant pays workers in the middle of Coronavirus

BELMAR – Here is a restaurant that protects its workers, both physically and financially.

Mike Morin and his brother Bryan, co-owners of the Federico pizzeria and restaurant on Main Street in Belmar, entered into a $ 50,000 credit line to make sure their employees are paid off during the coronavirus crisis.

They will receive their salary for about two months and, to all intents and purposes, we hope they don’t need that long.

Mike said he and his brother “weren’t doing it for publicity”.

“We had to protect our employees,” he said. “We said, ‘Let’s go help our employees.’ “

The brothers have been concerned about the fate of their business, but are more concerned about their employees.

The brothers say they are getting takeaway customers. They would like to get more, but they have been able to survive.

What they have achieved are many people who call and write them, all to ask how they can help them.

“It’s crazy,” said Mike. “We have received calls from all over the country from people who just want to donate.”

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