The AfDB brought together the most innovative African agripreneurs around the issue of cooperation

The African Development Bank recently hosted a webinar on food systems. It is part of the Forum on the Green Revolution in Africa, which took place from September 8 to 11. The entrepreneurs the most promising agricultural sectors of the SME sector took part in this meeting. They spoke of the importance of greater cooperation between them.

The virtual meeting was also an opportunity to call for more selective investments and an acceleration of business acquisitions. All this with the aim of helping the continent to feed itself and to feed the rest of the world. Entitled “The Integration of African Food Systems from an SME Champions Perspective,” the webinar was held prior to the start of the forum.

“We see the importance of the role you play and the risks you take, and the Bank wants to give you more visibility so that policy makers can understand the nature of the difficulties you are facing and help SME champions to emerge. develop ”, affirmed Atsuko Toda, director at the Bank, in charge of agricultural financing and rural development.

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