the agenda was opened for those over 60 vaccinated with Pfizer or Astrazeneca

The Ministry of Public Health (SMEs) Opened this monday the agenda for people over 60 that they are vaccinated with Pfizer or Astrazeneca and want to receive a third dose of the American drug.

Today the agenda was enabled so that health personnel and people over 60 years of age, all vaccinated against covid-19 in the first instance with two doses of Pfizer or Astrazeneca vaccine, can sign up for their third dose with Pfizer “the portfolio announced in a statement.

So far, only immunosuppressed people – who receive up to a fourth dose – were eligible to add a booster dose after having received two doses of Pfizer. The third injection was also authorized for those who had been vaccinated with two doses of Sinovac. However, last week the National Advisory Commission on Vaccines opened that possibility to those over 60 previously vaccinated with Pfizer or AstraZeneca, who will receive their vaccine in the middle of the month, and this Monday the MSP made the registry available, also for health personnel.

“If you remember, the Pfizer vaccines arrived in mid-March, when we gave the first dose. We gave the second in mid-April and the third can be received at six months,” explained the Undersecretary of Health, José Luis Satdjian, to Informal breakfasts (canal 12).

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Satdjian asked that people of that age range who want to receive the third dose be scheduled even if they have not completed six months from the second dose. As he explained, in this way a greater visibility of the number of interested parties is allowed and thus have a greater organization. “It is important that they sign up as soon as possible through the website, the Coronavirus app or the telephone lines, “he said.


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