The album of cards of the Barça feminine

Have the ball to play and enjoy. That's the height of cruyffismo. And from this historical Women's club, which has been planted in the Champions final modulating the style of the club. He has done it out of conviction, Lluís Cortés He prefers to attack rather than defend. But also out of necessity. Because, as Andrea Pereira explains to THE NEWSPAPER: "English, German and French have a very superior physique to ours and they make us suffer in the one against one but to quality nobody wins us, or almost nobody".

That is why, when things have worsened to the team, the Catalan coach far from retiring to his own near the goal of Sandra Cloths has taken more wood to the field in order to build from the core and go on the attack. Drawn in a 4 – 3 -3 sometimes converted into a 4 – 2 – 3 -1, the azulgranas base their game in the touch, the vision of their midfielders, the incursions of the lanes and the success of the above. The first attackers are the central ones, that when they play they shrink waters and when they do not, they take the ball with fluidity from behind. Then there are the lanes and their background races, the magic of Martens on the left, the success of Caldentey and the claw of Duggan in the purest style 'charrúa'. Although if he touches suffer and defend nobody his legs tremble.

Sandra Cloths

In a league where the goalkeeper's trade is still to be channeled, Sandra Paños stands out from the rest. Very safe under sticks and with the ball on her feet, the Barcelona goalkeeper has long been among the best on the planet. Its unlikely stops and the security it transmits to the team remind great goalkeepers of history. Those who like her looked agility, reflexes and speed. For example, the double stop against Bayern Munich in the semifinals. Then, Cloths seemed when worse were happening his and it was consecrated as it is: an insurmountable wall. This is attested by the images and data, as Alicante enjoys a lower goal coefficient than that of Jan Oblak, brand new Zamora de laliga.

Marta Torrejón

In his sixth year as a Barça player, Marta Torrejón is one of the pillars of Lluís Cortés's scheme. The captain of the Spanish national team It is characterized by a great technique and speed, which allow it, not only to defend, but also to surprise in the attack. His natural position started as the center but in Barça plays from right side. From there, he has forged with his teammates one of the best defenses of the moment and has dared to demonstrate his talent in attack. The greatest example of this was the knockout stages of the Champions League, when she became the owner of the right lane and often reached the bottom line. He created danger at all times by appearing by surprise and giving away centers to his companions. In Budapest he is expected to continue giving lessons of power, tactics and individual quality.

Leila Ouhabi

It is compared with Jordi Alba for the ability to go from one corner pennant to the other, for the punch and the physical condition. Leila Ouhabi, Spanish international, is the owner of the left wing of Barcelona. He assures that his is defending and surprising with his incursions for the band, that the goals are for others. But his versatility and his past as a forward allow him to reach the rival area with clarity. Before being lateral played in almost all positions, and it shows. Now that he has taken over the band, remember the old-fashioned lanes.

Andrea Pereira

The center is one of the most difficult positions to cover in Barcelona. Especially when what prevails in the team is to protect the style of play and surprise the opponent with it. Therefore, a good azulgrana defender must be able to abort the few rival actions and have good game to get the ball from behind. Precisely those are two of the main characteristics of Andrea Pereira. Formed in the quarry of Espanyol, the central azulgrana is essential in the axis of the rear for its aggressiveness, good touch of the ball and great displacement in length. But also by how it is understood with Mapi León. Between the two, there is no rival to resist them.

Mapi León

Ensures that games like Saturday's are like a glove. That knows that Barcelona is playing the attack but that When it's time to defend, it's when you better spend it, because in a duel you have all the chance to win. Mapi León it has become in a few years one of the best central defenses of the national panorama. She has the soul of a leader and a great facility to transmit joy to the team, which is like her, in its most cruyffista, understand soccer. But if it stands out for something, it's because of its ability to drain water and take out the ball played from behind. To that, nobody wins.

Aitana Bonmatí

Recently renovated, Aitana Bonmatí He is facing one of the great challenges of his young career. And it is that, before low by Hamraoui penalty and form status of Patri Guijarro, that of Sant Pere de Ribes is postulated as the one chosen to complete the center of the Barca field. This promising young national football player stands out for his ability to overcome rivals, score goals (he has 12 so far this season) and execute millimetric passes. In love with the game of touch Inspired by the careers of Xavi and Iniesta, there is no one like her to safeguard creativity and the 'ADN Barça' in a historic final like Saturday.

Vicky Losada

The Barcelona bracelet usually weighs, not her. Vicky Losada, first captain and one of the most determining players of the team, He was tanned in the demanding Women's League of the United Statess before going home. Once here he adapted what he learned to what he taught him Xavi Llorens in the Masia and it became the compass of the first team. Because with his quality and vision of game, Losada is many times the rudder of the midfielder azulgrana. By his feet the ball advances with security and determination. Under his command, the team breathes easy.

Alexia Putellas

You are signing your best season at individual level and there is no one to take it out of the eleventh of Lluis Cortés. Alexia Putellas It is one of the compasses of the team. Also one of the most media players. Its growth in recent seasons has made it essential for the interests of Barcelona. Because with Alexia in the midfield, the Barça style continues to modulate. And because to touch and precision in the associations few surpass him. In addition, their incursions into the center of the rival area are in many matches the rebellion to the tactical order culé. From there to that, despite being a midfielder, the goal is not a stranger to her.

Mariona Cadentey

He was born with the goal in the blood and has not stopped until becoming one of the best rams of the country. The versatile front azulgrana lives in the rival area and despite not having lived an easy season in terms of injuries, his determination has reserved a place in the historic eleven of the Champions final. On Saturday he will leave the starter and will do so because since he returned to the pitch Barça has returned to smile, in league and in European competition. His goal from the eleven meters certified the pass to the final. His maturity, his good dribbling and his goal-scoring sense augur even more milestones for the memory.

Toni Duggan

'Pichichi' of the team, the English Toni Duggan It represents voracity in person. Her character and provenance make her a decisive player adapted to the Catalan system but wanting more. Say what Suarez has always been a reference for her and it shows, because Duggan represents the same function for the female frame. Press, go for all and do not give up until the ball ends at the bottom of the net. His position in the eleven is indisputable, although against Bayern the entrance of Oshoala and his speed will create more danger.

Lieke Martens

Martens It represents magic, dribbling and creative football. Although he is right-handed, he is known for playing on the left, acting extreme to take advantage of his technique, speed and verticality in one on one. When he is at his best level he is unstoppable, from there to 2017 will be named best player in the world. And although his magic seemed to fade with his arrival in Barcelona, Lluís Cortés has managed to recover it. Since the Catalan coach is the first team, the Dutch has once again been that bold and decisive player that marks the differences. That Martens that dazzled in the European Championship and fell in love with the most devoted of creative football.

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