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The amazing Wohlgenannt won four competitions in Willingen! Destroyed twice just behind the podium

Due to poor weather forecasts, the organizers of the Continental Cup weekend in Willingen have decided that the Sunday competition will be moved so that there will be two competitions on Friday and Saturday.

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On both days, Ulrich Wohlgenannt was unbeatable. In the first Friday competition, the Austrian definitely flew the farthest, reaching 149 meters. In second series he confidently sealed the victory with a jump of 140.5 meters. He was ahead of the second Markus Schiffner by less than 14 points.

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However, this is nothing compared to the second competition held that day. In it, Wohlgenannt outclassed his rivals, winning with an advantage of 31.6 points! The Austrian jumped the longest in both series – 144 and 142.5 meters. Second again was his compatriot Schiffner. The Norwegian Sondre Ringen also stood on the podium on Friday (jumping on bindings borrowed from Maciej Kot), as well as a Slovenian Cene Prevc.

He took the best place among Poles on Friday Alexander the Destroyerwhich was fourth in the first competition. However, in the second competition, Zniszczoł did not advance to “30”, so Stefan Hula, who was 12th and 10th, was the most equal of the Biało-Czerwonych, who was 12th and 10th. Maciej Kot (14., 28.). Karol Niemczyk, who finished the competition in the fifth and sixth ten, did not manage it once.

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No changes on Saturday – Wohlgenannt’s domination

Saturday started with another victory for Ulrich Wohlgenannt, who this time beat the competition by 20 points thanks to jumps on 141.5 and 145 meters. Markus Schiffner was on the podium again, but this time he was third, because he was overtaken by Cene Prevca.

The fourth Aleksander Zniszczoł (135 and 134 m) and the fifth showed a very good side Paweł Wasek (132.5 and 139 m). The twelfth Maciej Kot (127.5 and 142 m) and the eighteenth also got to the “30” Stefan Hula (128.5 and 132 m). Karol Niemczyk scored a weak jump on 89.5 meters, which made him only 57.

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After a short break, another competition was held, and the best one was … Ulrich Wohlgenannt (143.5 and 142 m), who made an extraordinary achievement, because it is rare for four individual competitions to be organized in one weekend, and the Austrian addition, he won them all. And how! Including an advantage of over 90 points over the next vice-leaders!

This in the fourth competition in Willingen was the American Decker Dean (139 and 135.5 m), and the third place was taken by Norwegian Anders Haare (133.5 and 146.5 m). The best Pole was Aleksander Zniszczoł (135.5 and 136 m), Stefan Hula was 15th (130 and 136 m) and Maciej Kot was 19th (132.5 and 122 m). Paweł Wąsek and Karol Niemczyk did not qualify for the second series.

In the general classification Continental Cup after the weekend in Willingen, Wohlgenannt (461 points) took the lead, of course, ahead of his countrymen Stefan Reiner (352) and Markus Schiffner (336). The highest of the White-Reds is Aleksander Zniszczol, who is in the sixth position (268).

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