The ambassador of Maduro denounces "speculation" and "smoke screen" the refuge of ETA in Venezuela

The ambassador of the regime of Nicolás Maduro in Spain, Mario Isea, described on Friday as "speculation" and "smoke screens" the presence of ETA members in Venezuela to whom Chavismo was giving shelter, and refused to rule on whether the authorities of the country will perform some management to deliver them to Spain.

As reported by ABC this Friday, the Spanish State Security Forces and Forces have located in that country about fifteen gunmen of the band with pending claims. Among them would be the bloodthirsty José Ignacio de Juana Chaos, who participated in the murders of 25 people between June 1985 and July 1986; Arturo Cubillas, who collaborates with the Maduro government and is accused of organizing joint training with the FARC; and José Luis Eciolaza Galán, alias "Dienteputo", one of the ETA's historical figures.

A question of this newspaper during a press conference at the headquarters of the Embassy of Venezuela in Madrid, Mario Isea said he has been "hearing for many years" the "speculation" and "the handling of that issue" with "a very specific interest in Spanish actors ». In this regard, he pointed out that press reports refer to the era of Carlos Andrés Pérez and Felipe González, in the 1980s, and stressed that "they are always brought up at electoral moments in Spain." «On this subject I'm not going to get involved, I'm not going to say», settled.

In his opinion, these are "smoke screens" to "make invisible the central issue we are raising," said Isea, who had called on journalists to denounce the "resurgence of the blockade" by the United States, in reference to international sanctions. against Chavez hierarchs. "That will be resolved by the Spanish State, with its Constitution, with its laws, and we will see how it is resolved," he concluded. We augur the achievement of a lasting peace in Spain, that is not disturbed by any internal or external actor, that everyone acts in accordance with peace. "

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