The amendments to the Satversme proposed by the NA regarding the definition of the family are submitted to the Saeima commission – Latvia – News for evaluation

47 deputies voted in favor of passing the amendments to the commission, 25 deputies voted against.

Deputies Jānis Iesalnieks (NA) expressed that the Constitutional Court had violated its powers in connection with the judgment on family benefits, as well as decided against the will of the legislator. The “participant” referred to a “generally accepted family model” in support of the amendments tabled by the NA.

“One cannot roll over the opinion of the majority of the society and introduce foreign customs and virtues,” the deputy said.

“For Development / About!” The Speaker of the Saeima faction Marija Golubeva emphasized that the amendments proposed by the NA are an attempt to separate families into right and wrong, it is a call for discrimination. The division of some families into a lower class is contrary to human dignity and the values ​​of a democratic state, the politician emphasized.

If such changes were adopted, the state would move away from those people who would be recognized as the wrong families by these amendments, Golubeva emphasized, pointing out that human dignity is the basis of Western civilization. Instead of implementing the principles of human love, the proposed amendments introduce a so-called “cultural war” into society, which prevents people from cooperating, although every inhabitant is important to Latvia, the leader of the AP faction said. Support for these changes is a mockery of the principles of a democratic state, and I call for their rejection, she emphasized.

The proposed changes have provoked a mixed reaction in society, with some conservatives supporting them, while some liberalists have strongly criticized the amendments.

In the NA’s view, the concept of family needs to be more clearly defined in the national framework law. Such a need, in their opinion, arose after the judgment of the Constitutional Court pronounced on November 12, which in the concept of family also includes “same-sex partner families” and imposes on the state “obligation to protect and support” them. The party holds that this is “an arbitrary interpretation of the concept of family, which does not correspond to the will of the legislator expressed in the current wording of Article 110 of the Satversme, nor to the Latvian society’s understanding of what a family is”.

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“Latvia is a democratic country with diversity of opinion and respect for every citizen. But at the same time, there are values ​​that have been especially close and even sacred to our nation and its culture for hundreds of years. One of these values ​​is the understanding of the father and “So far, such an understanding has seemed self-evident, but with the decision of the Constitutional Court it is being questioned,” said NAiv leader Raivis Dzintars. In his opinion, in order not to continue various interpretations of Article 110 of the Satversme, the concept of family must be described in more detail already in the Satversme and made as clear and unambiguous as possible.

The submitted draft law proposes to establish in Article 110 of the Satversme that the state protects and supports marriage – a union between a man and a woman, a family based on marriage, kinship or adoption, parental and child rights, including the right to grow up in a family based on mother (woman) and the father (man), as well as the state, especially helps children with disabilities, children left without parental care or victims of violence.


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