The analysis of businessmen and politicians about the ABC America Forum: «There are optimal conditions for investment»

The first ABC America Forum, "Dominican Republic, growth and sustainability", gathered in Santo Domingo a large representation of government ministers as well as the country's leading businessmen. The world of finance, business, tourism and industry, analyzed, in different discussion tables, the new challenges, concerns, realities and objectives of a favorite destination for national and international investments, where Spain plays an important role.

-Miguel Vargas Maldonado, Minister of Foreign Affairs:

«We welcome a new meeting of different nationalities, united and firmly united to improve relations and together form a common future».

-José Ramón Peralta Fernández, administrative minister of the Presidency:

«We want to continue strengthening the bridges between Spain and America. Dominican Republic is consolidated as a small economic miracle of growth ».

-Nelson Toca Simó, Minister of Industry, Commerce and SMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises):

"The industry has been growing in a positive way in recent times, highlighting the construction sector and the mining sector."

-Francisco Javier García, Minister of Tourism:

"A factor that has influenced the growth of tourism is the successful international promotion and investment in public infrastructure in support of the tourism sector."

-Juan Carlos Escotet, president of Banesco and Abanca:

"Credit is the key instrument for entrepreneurs to turn their expectations into industries, so that families can finance the education of their children."

-José Luis Corripio Estrada, president of the Corripio Group:

"The optimal conditions for investment are given, to wait longer is to arrive late to participate in economic success".

-María Clara Alviárez, president of Banesco in the Dominican Republic:

"The Dominican Republic is a country with many business opportunities. A very important factor is the geographical situation. "

-Victor Moro, president of Vima World. Businessman with more than thirty years of experience in the Caribbean and leader in the frozen area:

"We have created more than 250 direct and 50 indirect jobs. 100% of all its staff are Dominican citizens. Vima Dominicana came here to stay ».

-Mercedes Ramos, Executive President of Grupo Ramos, a leading retail company in the Dominican Republic:

"An obstacle to growth is taxation, with high tax rates, as well as unfair competition. In addition, we must improve citizen security. "

-Ligia Bonetti Du-Breil, Executive President of the SID Group (manufacture and marketing of consumer products):

"The Dominican believes in entrepreneurship, we have cutting-edge technology and we have strived to be the best. Competitiveness forces us to improve continuously ».

-Manuel Corripio, vice president of the Corripio Group:

"The first pending task in the Dominican Republic is to correct the informality, another is the distribution."

-Frank Elías Rainieri, president and CEO of Grupo Punta Cana:

«We are living a moment of glory. Before, investments in the tourism sector came from the big chains and now from the small and medium ones ».

-Flavio Dario Espinal, Legal Advisor to the Presidency:

"The Dominican Republic is a very open economy in a country with great political stability, where progress is made in the fight against inequality."

-Simón Lizardo Mezquita, General Manager of Banreservas (Banco de Reservas):

«Tourism is the engine that allows growth. The legal security offered to investors guarantees the success of the investment, which generates confidence ».

-Luisa Fernández, Executive Director of the CNZFE (National Council of Free Trade Zones):

"The free zone is the engine of the Dominican economy and directly employs 180,000 workers."

-Celso Juan Marranzini, president of AIRD (Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic):

"This is a great opportunity to leverage sustainable growth. Smuggling is a global problem and a lot of work has been done to simplify it. "

-Roberto Zamora, president of the Lafise Group:

In his speech, he identified the risks and threats to investment in the Dominican Republic and highlighted the good times of the country and the opportunities it offers. . (tagsToTranslate) forum (t) economy

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