The anecdote of Joan Gaspart in a bar in Ultra Sur after a classic

Joan Gaspart, former president of Barcelona, ​​was interviewed on the YouTube channel «Idols» where he shared a curious anecdote at a bar in Madrid with Ultra Sur.

Gaspart mentioned that after a draw between the FC Barcelona team and Real Madrid he went to have a beer at a bar. "I went to the bar and everybody looked at me", the reason was that he entered a place frequented by the Ultra Sur radical group.

The one who was president of the Catalan group between 2000 and 2003 who entered there because of the knowledge of the people who used to enter this place: «I got into the mouth of the wolf
» In addition, they made clear the opposing positions that those present had at that time, so they agreed to "behave".

The anecdote is told laughing, until he tells a request that was made from the premises: "Take your beer and go." Not only that, but they warned him that "do not even think about running because we will chase him" once he leaves the establishment. .

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