the anger of Sporting de Charleroi supporters

Sporting de Charleroi suffered a heavy 4-0 defeat against La Gantoise on Saturday. Result: the Zebras are 12th in the general classification and can no longer grab a place for the Playoffs 2. For the club carolo, the season will therefore end next Sunday against Eupen. During the 2020-2021 financial year, and especially in recent months, supporters have repeatedly shown their dissatisfaction with the situation and the behavior of the players. This new setback has only exacerbated this anger a little more, as evidenced by a long message published by the Storm Ultras.

“Excrement. This is the way the players in their overwhelming majority have treated the jersey they were asked to honor, ”read a Facebook post from the group of supporters Carolos. “Apart from a few clearings like Gillet – who runs faster at 37 than other frozen mussels -, Vranjes – who comes, who works and who does his job … even for a loaned player, and a form of courage in our Fall whose the goals were a good surprise… well it’s not famous at all. Yet they are the first players in the field. “

“You are guilty on the whole line of this complete fiasco”

In this long text, the words are strong and sometimes violent towards the players who are compared to “bad peripatetician”, but they testify to the feeling which reigns in the minds of the fans of the Zebras. “You embody absolute helplessness. Mediocre you were, mediocre you will remain ”, continue the Ultras. “Players, you are all guilty of this complete fiasco. And the Covid does not explain everything, as it is now obvious that your self-sufficiency leads you to play the card. You are really motivated, with very rare exceptions, only by money … and that’s it. Your only chance is the absence of the fans this year. We guarantee that the mussels which will not release FISSA at the end of the season, we will make them live a complete hell so that they do not come to contaminate the new nucleus with the dry rot of their deficient mentality. “

This group of supporters demand that on Sunday, for the last match of the season, Karim Belhocine gives way to the youngest on the field, “given the non-existent stake”. “It is out of the question that you still palpate the slightest point, even on a misunderstanding. Most of you only deserve a deep contempt. “And the conclusion is just as clear:” Break into a club at the height of your talent, you, the notorious helpless and nonchalant zigotos. And never come back. And this is apparently only episode 1 …


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