the anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office takes up the investigation

Nine people were killed Wednesday night in Hanau, near Frankfurt in central Germany, in two shootings, the alleged perpetrator of which was later found dead at his home. These shootings targeted hookah bars and also left several seriously injured.

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“The accused was found lifeless at his home in Hanau. The police special intervention forces also discovered another body there. The investigation continues. Currently there is no indication that there are other authors “, wrote on Twitter the police in the south-eastern part of Hesse, where Hanau is located. Investigators also found his car, which contained ammunition and magazines, adding that the suspect had a hunting license and was allegedly German.

The German anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office seized the investigation Thursday morning and suspects a “Xenophobic motivation” of the act. According to sources close to the investigation, a letter of confession and a video were found.

Two hookah bars targeted

The first shooting targeted a hookah bar, the Midnight, in the heart of this city of approximately 90,000 inhabitants. The attacker then left this first site by car in the direction of Kurt-Schumacher Platz, in the district of Kesselstadt.

A second shooting then occurred in front of the second shisha bar, L’Arena Bar. The gunman reportedly rang the doorbell of the second bar and shot people in the smoking area, killing five. Many victims are said to be of Kurdish origin.

The city of Hanau in shock

“The victims are people we have known for years”, replied the bar manager’s son. Two employees were among the victims, according to this witness, absent like his father at the time of the shooting. “It is a shock to everyone. “

“It’s a real horror scenario”, lamented the Conservative member for the riding, Katja Leikert. The social-democratic mayor of Hanau, Claus Kaminsky, spoke to him about a “Terrible evening, which will certainly haunt us for a very, very long time. He asked to avoid any “speculation” and called the locals to the “Caution” ».

Friday, February 14, a terrorist attack on mosques had been averted by the arrest of twelve people suspected of belonging to sleeping cells likely to take action.


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