Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018

The appearance of protein in the urine may indicate serious diseases

The appearance of protein in the urine should be a cause for concern, because this can be evidence of serious diseases, including cancer.

Of course, you do not need to panic, because such a situation is often temporary and not related to pathology, but it does pay attention. There are many different reasons why a protein can appear in the urine. Discussion of these reasons, doctors repeatedly paid attention because of the importance of this indicator.

Protein in urine what this means: two types of proteinuria

Proteinuria (just this very protein of urine) can say that the kidneys are broken. Because of this, too much protein is ingested in the urine.

It is customary to make a distinction between pathological and physiological proteinuria. The development of pathological proteinuria occurs against a background of different diseases. Physiological proteinuria can be found in a completely healthy person.

Protein in urine what this means: the causes of physiological proteinuria

Physiological proteinuria can occur because of:

– too much physical activity;

– malnutrition;

– psychological and emotional shock;

– local and systemic supercooling;

– stay in the sun for a long time;

– pregnancy (third trimester);

– long standing on legs;

– treatment by physiotherapeutic procedures;

– active palpitation of the kidney by a doctor;

– Inadequate collection of urine for analysis.

After the causes of physiological proteinuria are eliminated, the indicators in the urinalysis should be in accordance with the norm. However, if the circumstances that caused the appearance of protein in the urine in time not to eliminate, then pathological proteinuria may develop.

Protein in urine what it means: causes of pathological proteinuria

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