The Apple Card could soon land in Belgium

More than a year after its launch in the United States, the Apple Card would finally be programmed in Europe. several clues come to support this thesis.

Announced with great fanfare at a special event on March 25, 2019, the Apple Card quickly conquered the American market. All the conditions were met for the bet to be met: two big names united under the same banner (Apple and Goldman Sachs) and an American market fond of consumer loans. It was in Uncle Sam’s country, the cradle of capitalism and the consumer world, that the Apple Card was most likely to succeed. It seems, however, that the head map has desires elsewhere, including the Old Continent and Australia.

The information comes straight from MacRumors, who are generally knowledgeable when it comes to Apple. According to the American site, the Cupertino company could extend the availability of its credit card to Australia. A launch window is even mentioned: the last quarter of 2020. It should thus accompany iOS 14.1 which will, in all likelihood, be available to all from this Tuesday.

But since good news never comes on its own, it looks like the card is coming to Europe as well. The iOS 14 code would suggest references to the GDPR, the European regulation focused on the protection of personal data. Tim Cook had also mentioned an international launch during his trips to Germany and France. An exit that could threaten the current hegemony of digital banks like N26, Revolut or Monese.

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