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The Apple Watch Series 7 is even cheaper with this sales promo code

The Apple Watch Series 7 hit the market late last year. And the apple brand has not skimped on the improvements. Despite its recent release, you can already find this connected watch at 324.99 euros instead of 429 euros on Rakuten, thanks to a promo code.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is even cheaper with this sales promo code

It was at the same time as the revelation of the expected iPhone 13 that Apple unveiled its new connected watch, at the end of September 2021: the Apple Watch Series 7. Even if the Cupertino company has already been offering a cutting-edge product for years, some improvements have nevertheless been made in this new version which becomes even more pleasant to use on a daily basis. The Series 7 may have seen the light of day quite recently, but we still find it really cheaper than when it was launched during these sales.

Apple Watch Series 7 essentials

  • A larger (41 mm) and brighter screen
  • Faster charging
  • A watch with multiple sport and health functions

Usually offered at 429 euros by e-tailers, the connected watch Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS) is currently sold at 334.99 euros on Rakuten using the promo code RAKUTEN10. Note that this is a model imported and shipped from Hong Kong. In addition, if you join Club R, you will accumulate 17.25 euros to use them on your next purchases on the site.

If the offer mentioned in this article is subsequently no longer available, please take a look below to find other offers on the Apple Watch Series 7. The table will change automatically updated.

Bigger Case and Brighter Always-On

If at first glance, the Apple Watch Series 7 does not differ greatly from the previous version, a small change has still been made on the screen. Indeed, the case now measures 41 mm instead of 40 mm (for the smallest size), and the screen is 50% thicker, and much more resistant to shocks thanks to its slightly different design. But above all, the screen area is now 20% larger than on the Series 6, thanks in particular to the refinement of the borders.

The Always-On screen (the feature that keeps the screen always on) is also brighter, making the information being read even more visible, even when the watch isn’t activated by turning your wrist. Of course, this feature can be disabled at any time. Another major addition: the Apple brand has added a keyboard to its watch to make it easier to write messages and emails.

Always-on power

The Apple Watch Series 7 is powered by an S7 processor. But according to the brand, the power remains similar to that provided by the System-in-Package of the Series 6. On the other hand, the processor is able to better handle the larger screen and the brighter Always-On. Result: navigation is fluid, and the launch of applications always as fast, for an even more pleasant operation with your iPhone.

A battery of sensors to monitor your form

In addition to its performance, the Series 7 is also still as effective in monitoring sports activities. To do this, it embeds a multitude of sensors: a gyroscope, a GPS, an accelerometer, a compass, an altimeter, and even a more energy-efficient barometric altimeter. What to support you during your sports sessions, whether you have opted for cycling, walking, yoga or even swimming (the watch is also always waterproof up to 50 m). The number of calories burned, the number of steps taken or the number of floors climbed will also be recorded.

The connected watch also remains a very good ally for keeping an eye on your health. Monitoring heart rate, carrying out an ECG (electrocardiogram and reporting of atrial fibrillation, cardiac arrhythmia), monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood, monitoring sleep… The Apple Watch Series 7 will be a real help to the day-to-day. The watch also provides fall detection, which alerts your loved ones or the emergency services if you remain immobile on the ground for too long. And now it can also detect falls from a bicycle.

Finally, regarding its autonomy, we were able to last 24 hours without recharging it during our test. A duration that may decrease in case of intensive use, of course. But the main novelty in this aspect is the compatibility with the fast charge that the supplied induction charging base now offers.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read our complete review of the Apple Watch Series 7.

9 /10

Apple Watch Series 7

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