The Assembly of Venezuela celebrates its session despite the military siege of Maduro

The forces of the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro maintained Wednesday the siege of the headquarters of the National Assembly of Venezuela, where the deputies could hold the session that they had to postpone on Tuesday. although the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB, one of the bodies of the Armed Forces) did not allow access to journalists. The interim president, Juan Guaidó, denounced that Maduro has "kidnapped" the parliament by militarizing him and preventing the passage to the press, which he described as another "continued blow".

On Tuesday the session was suspended after, under the pretext of the threat of a supposed explosive device, the security forces blocked the seat of the Assembly and impeded the activity of the legislators.

The session was finally held on Wednesday and the agenda for the debate included the disappearance of the first vice president of the National Assembly, Edgar Zambrano.
, and the persecution of the deputies as a whole, the destruction of purchasing power and salary, and the reincorporation of the country to the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights.

With a quorum of 87 deputies, including the 14 substitutes of the sanctions, Guaidó warned that "they will not achieve" block the legislative power. "There is nothing and nobody to make us give up the responsibility we have with the country," he said. «Here we are meeting. What did the dictatorship achieve yesterday with the seizure of the federal legislative palace? What they showed is that they are a vulgar dictatorship, which we have been denouncing for some time, "he insisted.

Hours before, late on Tuesday, the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly (ANC) attended, as expected, the request of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) chavista withdraw immunity to four other deputies, so it amounts to 14 the total number of legislators who have been stripped of that prerogative.

The TSJ under the orders of Nicolás Maduro imputes to these four opposition parliamentarians eight alleged crimes, among them the one of treason against the fatherland, by the civic military movement of last April 30 in which the founder of Voluntad Popular, Leopoldo López, was freed , and the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, called to rise up against the regime.

The sentence against the deputies Carlos Paparoni, Miguel Pizarro, Franco Casella and Winston Flores was announced on Tuesday while Guaidó offered a press conference and after the security forces took the seat of the National Assembly and prevented that it was celebrated in it. planned session.

A deputy, refugee at the Embassy of Mexico
In the case of Franco Casella, he sought protection and protection at the Embassy of Mexico, whose president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is one of the Latin American leaders closest to Maduro since Juan Guaidó assumed the interim presidency of the country and undertook the offensive against "usurpation".

The chavista TSJ incriminated these four deputies for "the flagrant commission of the crimes of treason, conspiracy, instigation to the insurrection, civil rebellion, conspiracy to commit a crime, usurpation of functions, public incitement to the disobedience of the laws and the continued hatred ».

Immediately afterwards, the illegitimate Supreme Court referred the case of the parliamentarians concerned to the ANC so that they could revoke their parliamentary immunity and be able to be tried.

The other ten deputies who have been accused of these eight alleged crimes are the first vice president of the Assembly, Edgar Zambrano; the former president of the same AN ​​Henry Ramos Allup, Richard Blanco, Simón Calzadilla, Américo De Grazia, Luis Germán Florido, Mariela Magallanes López, Juan Andrés Mejía, Sergio Vergara and Freddy Superlano. . (tagsToTranslate) venezuela (t) assembly

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