The attachment parenting is the latest post-modern parenting diversion


“So what do you think about parenting attachments?” T

My inquisitor was a 30-thing mother. I felt she was testing me, trying to find out which would be worth spending her time.

“Not much,” I said. “I don't see any objective research that would realize any short-term or long-term benefits; therefore, I do not think that the effort – on the mother's side, primarily, does not pay. "

“Well, I don't agree,” she said. “I practice attachment parenting and see a lot of benefit.”

"To whom?"

“Uh… to myself and to my child.”

“How many children do you have?”

“I'm the first time.”

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“So you have no control group or other comparison point.”

“Maybe not,” she said, “bristles,” but I have the right to raise my child in any way I choose. ”

“Actually, no, you're not.”

“Well, it's not as narrow as you!” And taking off her.

Yes, it is me determined. If thinking is not “narrow” as an older person grows, then a person is not caring, which is not really growing.

Anyone who thinks they are entitled to take a child in any way they choose is wrong. When a child is being taken, someone has a duty to define neighbors. This obligation infringes a person's obligation to a child. In addition, the parent who understands and practices what I just said is going to do much better than the parent who believes his child or baby is the beginning and end of their duties. The child will soon learn, it is not worthy to be the heart of the minister, the world is not going around him, a fraudster much happier than the child who is caused to believe otherwise.

Another way of saying the same thing: To respect yourself – called pride – only lives ONE face. Humility – a willingness to serve others, regardless of inconvenience – whether the culture is coming together. The humbleness also makes the highest personal satisfaction level. For these reasons, the highest target of all child rearing is to raise a child. There are no multiple, equally viable ways to achieve this. There is one. Therefore, there is one right way to raise a child and the Almighty YOU have no “right”, of course, to raise your child in any way YOU choose. That is narcissism, speaking clearly. It could be argued that a person has a right to be a queue, but if so, the right ends when self-absorption affects another person. The only narcissist is functional than hermit.

Attachment parenting is the latest misunderstanding of post-parenting parenting. The women who have practiced them and then suffered a cult-like grip that there is no way to attract a child idolized any conclusion rather than violates his needs. The pathogen is the pathologically pressurized, not understanding that raising the child properly is the love act of your neighbor.

It is relatively simple, in fact: By duty to keep the neighbors most in mind, one will do the best job to build a child. When the child finally understands why he is so happy, he will not be able to thank you enough.