The authors of the Africa Risk-Reward Index 2020 call on investors not to panic

The Africa Risk-Reward Index 2020 was recently published by Control Risks and NKC African Economics. One is a consulting firm specializing in risk management. The other is an independent international consulting firm and a subsidiary of Oxford Economics specializing in African issues.

The index compares the opportunities and risks of the African market useful to the strategies of the investors. This year, it is published for the fifth time with a special invitation in the current economic and health context. Indeed, individuals and organizations interested in Africa should not be swayed by the headlines. The best thing to do is understand the specific contexts of the countries, sectors and projects that concern them.

The Covid-19 has worsened the risk scores of African countries and the economic recovery could prove to be long and irregular. However, the recovery of the continent is likely to have a transformative effect. That’s what Barnaby Fletcher, associate director of Control Risks, talks about.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis, but the recovery will be slower and more irregular on the continent. However, this recovery will enable governments across the continent to tackle structural constraints and promote new strategies. We are already seeing progress in this direction, and for investors, this implies interesting opportunities ”, noted the rapporteurs.

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