THE BALL – Impressive: USA records 45,330 infections in one day (COVID-19)

According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the United States recorded 45,330 new cases of Covid-19 infections within 24 hours, now adding up to more than 2.4 million confirmed cases, a new daily record, and 574 more deaths, increased to 124,978 fatalities.

The spread of the disease has increased in the states of California, Florida, Texas and Arizona, which together account for almost half of the country’s infections. New York remains the most affected state, with 391,220 confirmed cases and 31,342 deaths. In New York City alone, 22,421 people died.

New Jersey has 14,914 deaths, Massachusetts 8,012, Illinois 6,847, Pennsylvania 6,579, Michigan 6,134, California 5,816 and Connecticut, with 4,307.


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